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Episode #67 “X” Marks The Spot. Now, How Do I Get There?



Plan your life and live your plan. 

While it sounds simple, most people only do half (HALF!) of that and wonder why they haven’t been able to reach their goals. It’s difficult to get to where you want to go if you don’t have a plan in place to show you what steps you need to take every day, so you can arrive at your intended destination.

Without a plan, you’re likely living whatever daily chaos comes your way. Is that what you want your time and energy to used for? Are you living in the “whatever happens” mindset that allows chaos to prevent your success?

Tune in now to learn how to eliminate one of the most common excuses preventing you from succeeding. This is 15 minutes that could change everything.


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Episode #48 Your Vision Produces Hope & Strength To Succeed

You can’t do that!


It’s not realistic!
It’s too crazy of an idea!
You’re such a dreamer!
You don’t have what it takes!
You just keep trying and failing!
It’s just not practical!This isn’t even possible!



You’ve probably heard some of the above statements when taking about the visions you have in life. The 9 life areas offer plenty of places to dream, plan, and prioritize our lives. Life Management allows us to take control of our time, energy, resources, and plan our lives around our most precious priorities. It allows us to dream, get passionate, and use our lives for the best of what life has to offer…even when it’s just taking time to be alone with friends and family, enjoying the time we’ve been given with them. In our lives, visions can take on many forms both simple and complex. It’s up to us to decide.

And as we do that deciding and planning, dreaming and doing, we find that not everyone understands us. It can be discouraging. It can derail our focus. And it can kill our vision if we focus on the doubt instead of our passion. Passion is what drives. Doubt only knows how to park and give up.
How do we cope? How do we persevere?

Tune in…and get your dose of vision restoration now!


Just because there is no roadway to a mountain you see off in the distance doesn’t mean that you can’t forge a path to it and climb it. Sometimes your visions require you to become a pioneer. Ponder that…and keep moving toward it.



Be sure to change your outlook, stress level,  and life areas with the “Happier and Healthier People” Complete Life Management System. These online courses are available to you today with instant access!

Visit the Life Management Shop today!

PS…Don’t forget to watch all the episodes here!

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The Gift of Gab! Episode #34 What Do You Do With Advice That Doesn’t Fit?

Good Advice? Not so?

Graphic in black and hot pink: When's the last time you kicked your but? Let me help you get started!What do you do with advice you received from some sounds good on the surface, but soon discover that it just doesn’t fit you? Not all advice you get is beneficial. It may not fit you, your business, your life, your faith, your vision, or your mission. So, what do you do with advice that doesn’t fit? Listen now to find out!

What kind of advice have you received that just didn’t fit you?

What are your experiences?



 Click here to see all episodes in my blog now!

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Leadership: Three Basics To Building Trust

Building and keeping the trust of those you lead can be an important tool in business, ministry, and in life in general. As a coach, I see the importance of it almost daily. Recently, I encountered an individual with many great lessons that I’d like to share as I

Regional Leadership Forum

discuss a few things that were missing from this leadership model he discussed.

Without trust in leadership many issues will arise, and from our coaching session, it was very apparent of why this is so. In addition to proper accountability, chain of command and reporting/governing of the body, and proper separation of powers for financial integrity or in cases of close relationship within the top of the organization, leaders can do more to ensure trust among themselves and those they lead.

There are several factors to consider, but for today, I have included just the following:

1. Operating principles

Without agreed upon principles and procedures in your business or ministry, there are no guidelines to guide the interaction of the people when it comes to decision making. If no decision making opportunities are present for the group at large and decisions are made by a core group of individuals behind closed doors and without accountability or separation of duties to ensure financial integrity of the organization, there is a lack of confidence and suspicion of the decisions that are being made and approved by no one.

Good operating principles ensure things like:

  • Confidence and trust in the leadership
  • Commitments to one another
  • Encouragement
  • Encourage open and honest communication
  • Decisions made by the consensus
  • Separation of duties and relationships within the organization’s leadership
  • Regular public updates of financial statements and independent audits

2. Consensus

Consensus creates an environment where:

  • People can say “yes” or “no” without hesitation to any of the decisions up for discussion and vote
  • Helps people trust the wisdom of the leadership even if they are not so sure about the decisions made
  • Gives people a chance to disagree and provide their concerns and block the decision at hand or keep it on the table for further discussion
  • There is unity and trust in the organization and between leadership and everyone else
  • Decisions are made by all and not just the top few people for a majority vote

3. Vision Casting

Vision casting creates an environment fueled by a vision of what your organization should be.

It puts all people on the same page in regards to:

  • Passion
  • Motivation
  • Direction
  • Purpose

One of the most effective ways to do this is to start by defining a problem or a goal your organization would like to move toward. Now a solution can be sought or worked on, so essentially your vision has now become a solution to a problem. You are now able to start working on a plan to determine what must be done now. Think about what’s at stake and go from there!

Once your vision is established and made known in your organization, it is essential to keep that vision up front and visible to all people. Why? Here are a few reasons to consider:

  1. It reminds your members and teams of where you are headed and why. It keeps them focused.
  2. It reminds you and your staff of where you are headed and why and will prevent you from chasing too many rabbits, eliminating the vision altogether, confusing the members at large, and becoming yet another lost cause, dropped ball, or forgotten promise.

I spoke to one individual who put together a team when his leader presented what he referred to as “another great idea” and asked him and his spouse to lead it. They gathered data, collected information, and sat in a a few meetings where great things were thought of and planned (as a great idea on paper). His team ran off excitedly to do the work only to find that somewhere in the weeks that past, the great idea was completely forgotten, the meetings stopped, they were put off, and discovered through the notification of another that the project was now given to a close relative of the leadership without warning.

In our coaching sessions, I learned that this was not the first time this scenario had played out at this particular organization and was a normal way the leadership operated. Anything that jeopardized or challenged it was met with intimidation, and secrecy surrounded the direction, accountability, and decisions of the organization. As a coach my advice was swift and to the point: RUN. Leave now and preserve your integrity. Secrecy is a red flag in itself.

An individual or individuals left hanging, without a vision, without a direction, and without a purpose will burnout, pull out, and distrust the leaders that once held their faith, passion, and motivation to serve. Once this happens there is a danger of it becoming a habit. And bad habits can do great damage to character and trust.

Leadership is not just about leading people from here to there, because it’s a great idea at the moment. There are thousands of great ideas every day that people create and discover. But great leadership is knowing which to pursue and how to chart the course so they arrive to the planned destination without stopping short and causing those they lead to stop short, and sink due to lack of support. It is moving those you lead toward a vision that is well planned, documented, reported, accounted for, and celebrated often as an organization. And great leaders do this with love that creates trust and an open door policy.

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What’s At Stake If You Lose Your Vision?

It’s imperative for us to stay on the right track to get to where we need to go in life. And this doesn’t just apply to our careers. It applies to our lives-ALL nine life areas.

We have a vision for each. (Or we should. If not, this would be a GREAT time for you or your entire organization to take the life management training online. It will be one of the best tools you have at your disposal. Trust me. These skills work.)

But even if that’s not for you, vision is a must. And we have to make sure that the steps we take, our forward motion, the engine carrying us (that would be our heads) stays on track and doesn’t get distracted or cause us to move away from the destination we are journeying toward.

Here’s a GREAT video with some awesome advice from Dan Cathy (President and COO of Chick-fil-A). Listen as he shares his thoughts on leadership and vision.

After watching it ask yourself: What’s at stake if I don’t stay on the right track and move toward my vision…

in my life.

in my career.

in my relationships.

in my health.

It’s a life management and goal setting question you should ask yourself often.

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Two Letters That Could Change The World

We Can Do It poster for Westinghouse, closely ...

Image via Wikipedia

Sometimes I wonder what would happen…

IF we relied on two letters of our alphabet to change the world as we know it.

The letters I and F. Those two letters make anything and everything possible. In fact, I think they should be the words we use most often to find the solutions and the people we need to do what it is we have to get done. And not get it done ‘IF’ we can do it, but get it done because we asked ‘IF’ . For such a small word, the raw and unlimited power in those two letters when put them together makes everything possible and not limited. So many times though we throw “if” out the window like it’s dangerous if we use it.

If we change our way of thinking about ‘IF’, we could change the world. Is it really risky to use ‘IF’? Ask “WHAT IF?”

What’s the risk of using it? What if:

  • We put quality people into office who didn’t know, but have the capacity to learn…
  • Put professional people into jobs who weren’t necessarily the most seasoned or experienced, but brought fresh insight and creativeness in while they grew into it…
  • Allowed individuals to create who didn’t know how a recipe or color combination would turn out, or if the parts and pieces of a craft put together in a specific format could get us to the moon…

What if people were hired to do jobs and weren’t told by those before them that it couldn’t be done. What if we allowed people to build something they didn’t know others thought was impossible or encouraged to create what only existed in their mind without hearing that familiar, “We tried that already and it didn’t work.”? What would happen a world where people were expected to color outside the lines to see what other possibilities could be envisioned by relying on imagination instead of fear of failure or acceptance? You know where this is going.

‘IF’ makes me think that we should stop hiring the familiar, implementing the same ‘ol solutions because they worked yesterday, and see what evolves when we again start to ask ourselves those two simple letters that form that one simply powerful word.

“What could happen IF?”

If is not a negative word. It’s our fear of failure and change that associates negativity with it. But what could happen if we stopped limiting ourselves over IF? It opens a whole new set of possibilities and sets us in a positive direction. ‘IF’ allows us to stop relying on the predictable safety of mediocre and get to the next level where last year’s mission impossible is now everything possible.

If only that could change the world 🙂

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How We Teach Opportunity Makes All The Difference

I had a rare opportunity tonight. I attended our local chamber annual meeting and dinner where I got to meet and greet, and

Image of Bill Rancic and Christine Pechstein at The Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting

Christine Pechstein and Bill Rancic at The Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting

network with some people I know and some I don’t. I also got to met Bill Rancic from the first season of The Apprentice. He was the keynote speaker which was right up my alley-entrepreneurship, taking risk, leading, and a powerful closing relating to untapped potential.

It was a great evening of encouragement for me as I saw a lot of myself in him. No, not in the physical sense! I meant in the self-leader, taking risk, creating a champion within by overcoming adversity kind of way.

After the event, I purchased his book, got an autograph, and a picture with him. I honestly don’t watch much TV as I spend most of my time reading and self feeding on knowledge, but I had seen the first series of The Apprentice in which he competed, so I shared the photo on Facebook and showed my kids the book with his autograph. Ok, so maybe I was trying to score “coolness factor points” with my kids. Bottom line, it worked!

Soon my son was talking about work he is doing in high school, and we began a conversation about the importance of making his life count now, even while things just seem so boring to him. I was explaining that this is the foundation for many opportunities that he will have, and that he can do anything he sets his mind to. As our conversation continued, my youngest daughter joined us in the kitchen, and we started talking about his freedom to use all the unlimited potential he has to do something with his passions.

My next few sentences threw my youngest two kiddos for a loop. I said, “You live in THE land of opportunity, and you have the potential to do anything you want. You don’t have to accept the status-quo . You don’t have to work 9-5 for someone else, because if you build something with your passions and potential, your options are unlimited. You don’t have to accept what someone offers you as your only available option, because you have many choices. Choices you may not even know exist right now, because you’ll create them!”

Yes, I am trying to raise my kids to go further than simply settling in life, and it’s taught in a positive manner! But, their surprised faces made me wonder: What are we as a culture teaching our future generations and our potential leaders? Opportunity? Or opportunity!

We can view and teach opportunity in two ways:

Opportunity? When the right opportunity comes TO you, you can seize it and you’ll be living in the land of opportunity that this country boasts of. That’s a mighty big “if” and not very hopeful since you can wait your whole life for nothing.


Opportunity! You can create an opportunity to do what you love, what you are passionate about, what will change the world, what makes you tick, even if the “opportunity” doesn’t currently exist.

Think for a minute:

Can we sell only what exists today until the end of times, or do we have the opportunity to create what doesn’t exist now to sell tomorrow?

Can we only work in fields or jobs that are around today, or can we prepare ourselves to meet the unforseen or the sometimes laughed at demands of tomorrow’s workforce? Can we be preparing ourselves today for a future that is not seen yet?

If we take the safe route and spend our entire life waiting and hoping we’ll get to do what we REALLY want to do -the very thing that defines us sometimes-is that really the opportunity this country was founded upon? I don’t think so.  I really believe that “The land of the free and the home of the brave” refers to those who were and are willing to create what we can envision in our free minds or bravely see within our hearts and souls. Those visions, those dreams, those types of aspirations were the opportunities given to each and every one of us living in this great nation! And by “those types”, I mean whatever is unique and individual to each of us. That’s freedom, baby!

It was never based upon opportunity knocking, because opportunity can’t knock until someone decides to create the knocker. In other words, how could YOUR opportunity come knocking, if there was nothing created to create your specific knock? Living in the land of opportunity means it’s our responsibility to create that which makes our opportunity knock. It’s takes hard work and perseverance, and it makes all the difference. Are you wasting your opportunity waiting for the knock? Or are you creating your knock?

It’s pretty quiet in here! Thoughts? Comments? Stories about opportunities created??? Please share!

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