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Episode #71 Money That Buys Better Haves

Are you ready to kick your buts?


We’re going to eliminate excuses, challenge ourselves to change some stuff, and manage our time, energy, and priorities well.

Let’s do this!


The entire month of April, I’m coaching you on finances (from a single mom’s perspective!). This episode challenges you to focus on the “must haves,” and things that can bring more time, energy, and resources to your life.

And, don’t forget!

You can participate with me in the online community room each week and get access to your exclusive Monthly Think Drink Maintenance Video where I tackle your Questions about each episode and coach you further. If you’re not registered for your Think Drink Maintenance, sign up today!


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Episode #66 Want More Success? Start Doing Less.



More. More. MORE!

So often, we believe success is off in the future where our goals and aspirations wait for us to catch up to them. But, that’s not true. We can experience contentment, peace, and joy now instead of always chasing something newer, greater, or better that takes our attention off the present and suspends it indefinitely into something we must chase and somehow capture.

Happiness is learning to love the life you have while living fully with what you’ve already got. But, sometimes we’re so busy chasing stuff, that we forget to realize the blessings we already have. Have you ever looked at your children and wondered where the time went? Time and energy are limited in supply and some things are far too precious to get lost in the chase after more.

The truth is, your goals won’t matter until your priorities do. So, this year is your chance to learn a few life management skills that will teach you to prioritize, focus, and enjoy what you’ve got right here and now while building a life you desire for yourself.

Our successes can enjoyed here and now if we learn to prioritize our lives in ways that allow us to focus on less while accomplishing more of the things that matter most. Stop missing out on those precious priorities and start living them today. Go ahead! Tune in now. Give yourself 15 minutes to learn a little about priority management.

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The Gift of Gab! Episode #46 Stress Management and Trigger Happy People

As  your life management coach, I want you to THINK:




Do people upset you in traffic?

Do you go into grouch mode when hungry?


Do common every day annoyances upset you and pull your trigger? How about people popping gum, clearing their throat, scraping their plate at the dinner table, cutting you off in traffic, rolling their eyes at you, flipping you off, cusses you out, tries to own you, disrespect you, or merely acts stupid…do any of these things pull your trigger and set you off?

I want you to ask yourself: Do they have to? Is it worthy of sucking the time, energy, and resources out of your life by creating a stronghold on your attention? Think about it as you listen.

And determine what you can release and let go for a happier and healthier life!


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You only have so much time, energy, and resources, so why waste it on unnecessary trigger points when you can use it to live your life for your priorities and focus on what truly matters in life. Learn to release what isn’t necessary and improve not just your life, but your health and stress levels, too! Tune in now!


Are you enrolled in our weekly Maintenance THINK DRINK Coaching? It’s where you put that you learn into action. Join today!


PS…Don’t forget to watch all the episodes!

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The Gift of Gab! Episode #40 The Rut of Weekend Catch Up!

Are you someone who pushes everything off for the weekend?

Sometimes by the time Friday hits, we’ve pushed so many responsibilities off to the weekend, that we’re already overwhelmed and find it difficult to enjoy our time off.

This segment was our first video segment simultaneously broadcast LIVE on Google Hangouts and Youtube while broadcast LIVE on BlogTalkRadio! Whoohoo! We did it! (I had to do it twice, but it worked!) Take your pick…watch it by video or listen via podcast.

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Weekend To do:

  1. Laundry
  2. Dishes
  3. Cleaning
  4. Washing the car
  5. Other people’s activities and invites
  6. and so on
  7. and so on
  8. and so on

All of these things can take up so much time that we find it impossible to get it all done in two days. PLUS, by the time we get through them all, we’ve likely realized we still haven’t had a chance to relax, just enjoy home, unwind, and do some fun and entertaining things.

Can our lives feel more like a vacation if we change our weekdays to free up our weekends for some different priorities? Listen to the show to find out how little changes in your weekly routine, can mean big changes for your weekends and your vacation mode of living.

Small changes can have HUGE impacts! Enjoy more of your life now!

Want more? register for PRIORITIZED or watch the videos today!

Don’t forget to watch all the episodes!

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The Gift of Gab! Episode #23 Why You Need A GPS System To Recalculate Your Goals

I love using our GPS system when traveling. It’s reassuring to know that we can rely on a plan to drive to places unknown with the hope of arriving safely and on time.

Listen To Lifestyle Internet Radio Stations with Move Into Action on BlogTalkRadio

The pronunciations of some of the words she says is hilarious! Boulevard is boulevahard, Kansas is Cactus, and so on. Traveling to our destinations becomes funny listening to these funny words. Many times we count how many times in one trip we get off course and hear the GPS say, “Recalculating” as she tries to reconfigure our whereabouts.

As I was driving down a boulevahard just the other day, I started comparing GPS to life goals and staying on track with them. We need to learn how to recalculate! In January, we are so busy setting goals and life priorities, but how long is it before we start getting off our intended course? How long before we get side tracked and travel in the wrong direction leaving the goals we wanted to reach off in the distance and forgotten so quickly? How is that that our priorities get lost in all the busyness of life? If we go the wrong direction or take a wrong turn, do we just give up and quit never reaching our destination in life? NO! We recalculate to get back on course and continue on!

Life Management skills and training is essential for teaching us how to stay on our course to arrive at our intended destination much like a GPS for our auto.

GPS for life helps us with:




By stopping to recalculate where we are in relation to where it is we intended to go, we can get back on course quickly to reach that important destination. Our visions will become reality. Our priorities will be lived out. Our lives will be uncluttered allowing us to find rest, peace, hope, and joy.

Listen to the show and get all the GPS and Recalculation information you need to get back on track quickly when you find you get off track or your goals are being lost in the busyness of life.

You can start over now. Hit your reset and recalculate.

Want more? Become a member and access my no coast coaching and training training options.


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To Be Successful At Just One Thing In Your Life

It’s January 2014.

It’s that time of year we all rush to set goals. Do more. Be more. Achieve more. Yada, yada, yada…

Let’s face it. We set ourselves up for failure. If not in one life area, we do it in another. How can we possibly keep adding, doing, going, going, going, without burning out or feeling inadequate along the way?

See, our success is tied to the units of measurement we use to measure our merits by.

Success in this world is measured by:

the $$ in your bank account

the funds you’ve set aside for retirement

the position and klout you hold (job, community, educational status)

who and what you know

But what happens if you just happen to have none of the above? Does it make you a failure in your life if you don’t measure up to the standards set by society?

I’ll be honest…

The the standards we measure success by, I’d be a total failure. Yep. Me. Failure. I just don’t measure up when it comes to the bank account, status, retirement, and even in what I’m doing today. I’m a simple nobody, but I’m perfectly content in what I’m doing.


I realize it’s not the success of this world that matters. When you measure my life against the normal standards I’d be considered a complete failure. I don’t have the stuff that could be counted toward being successful unless you want to reach into my couch cushion and tally my retirement savings. Nope. That’s not the success I have created for myself. In fact, my success isn’t even in what I’ve done. It’s in what someone else has done for me, and in turn what I can do for others.

Success is not in what we have. It’s in what we do.

My success is tied to the relationships that I have.

How can you measure the successes you have when they may not have an impact on anything you can measure. now. You know, how do you measure your success in the time you devote to being a sold-out follower of Jesus, or by using your time, energy, and resources for creating disciples. How do you measure success in serving, praying, and helping in your community, especially when you’re trying to use metrics that people of the world use?


If success is measured in terms of prosperity: money, popularity,

Measuring success by faith (unseen):



Listening to God and responding









Narrow path

First, I have a thriving relationship with Jesus. I am a devoted follower. I’m not just a fan. I am a committed follower and am secure in my eternal future. He takes care of my needs, hears my prayers, and grows me in my relationship daily.

Second, I have many relationships with people in this community that would consider themselves lost, forgotten, burdened, or hopeless. My success is not in what I get, but rather in what I can give. If all I have to give is friendship, a hug, a prayer, or a word of encouragement, or a hot meal, then I can be successful in giving just that.

Finally, I find myself reminding myself quite a bit lately that if all I have to give is me: my time, energy, resources, and attention, then I can be successful in giving just that. We learn that success is not just about what we can

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For Change To Happen, You Must Be Available To It

‘Tis the season for life change. Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas and the birth of our Savior has been celebrated, and now people are focusing on all the things they want to change this next year. Many will discover the changes they so desperately want to make this year are the very things they wanted to change last year, too. And the year before. And maybe even the year before that.

If this is the case, we may start asking if change really is a priority for us? Or are we simply unavailable for changes we entertain?

It’s one thing to WANT to change, dream of all the changes we can make and yet another to actually do something differently in our lives to cause that change.

To want change, all we need to do is think, ponder, look at something else, and desire for something different:

Our weight…

Our health…

A brand new mindset…

A new career…

A better year full of opportunities…

A new attitude…

To be a world changer…

We may desire these changes this year, but may not realize that the things we desire now, were available to us last year, too. And since they were available, we might need to challenge ourselves with a question:

If all of this life change and opportunity was available to us last year, but we didn’t take it, take advantage of it, or seize the opportunities to grasp it, was it because we truly in all honesty couldn’t make the change happen while being truly diligent to move toward it? Or was it because we as individuals were unavailable for change and didn’t really try all that hard?

What do I mean by unavailable? As a coach, I mean the following:

  • Unfocused
  • Undisciplined
  • Hopeful and wishful without a plan
  • Little thought about the steps needed to move toward it
  • Lack of personal responsibility and accountability
  • Self sabotage Identification (no excuses)
  • No plan for perseverance
  • Lack of proper positive supports

There is no doubt that we really would like our lives to change in many areas. That weight loss, that career path we really wanted, the job change, the financial freedom and savings we desire, well, those things we dream about and envision the positive impacts they may have in our life areas. While they are important and likely changes we may really want, we need to make sure we’re prepared to take the steps necessary to bring them to life and not just talk about them in life.

Without taking proper action, having an achievable plan, and the positive people and supports in place to follow through to make it happen with our daily efforts and accountability for those daily efforts we must make, we just act like change will happen based on luck. And there is nothing lucky about change. Just ask those who are making it! It may very well be hard and require tons of perseverance, but those who have made it will say it’s also very worthwhile work. And the only reason they succeed is because they didn’t give up!

For the changes to happen, we have to be available by:

  • Having a clear vision of our goal
  • Understand the reason we desire and prioritize it
  • An achievable action plan with daily steps
  • Time devoted to meeting with our mentors and coaches
  • Accountability and admitting our weaknesses and strengths
  • Accepting responsibility and persevering
  • Planning our perseverance steps to keep going when the going gets tough (not when it gets tough…it WILL get tough, so we are prepared and proactive!)

If we leave life to luck, are we really saying we’re ready to make change? Or are we just occupying life with hope, dreams, and the imagery of change in the form of entertained thoughts without being available for the work required to make them our changed reality? We can entertain our minds with many feel good changes. But in order for them to become a reality, we have to do more than be entertained by them. We’ve got to work for them. And we need a plan of action and plan of perseverance. Leave nothing of importance to chance. Take action!

Without making those changes a priority and working toward them daily, the results of our inaction could discourage us before we really give it our all. We may have wanted it, but we were simply unavailable, because our focus was elsewhere. Without a proper focus and support system in place, persevering will be one of the most difficult tasks ever. Giving up is easy. Sticking with it through the doubt, setbacks, and times when progress is slow is much harder. Having proper supports in the form of a coach or mentor is absolutely imperative, not just for average people, but leaders as well. We all need good, solid support systems when it comes to making changes and living a life of opportunity. Opportunity for what? Whatever you can dream in the nine life areas. Your life is about vision. You have to see it clearly in order to move toward it.

Some will decide that this is the year they get healthy. Others will choose to simply make this the year they de-stress. And many others will determine to make this their year to try something new: head a new direction, learn something they didn’t think they could, change their community, focus on family…it’s your life, so you prioritize it!

This year, don’t be unavailable to the changes and priorities you desire in life. Make them real by making yourself available. Make your plan. Make your changes. And follow it.

Be there, be available to live it, and the change will happen.

Change doesn’t happen by chance. It happens to those who make themselves available and do what it takes to achieve it.

What’s your dream? What’s your priority? What’s the change you want to make? Share your comments!

By the way…if life management prioritization and coaching is something you would like to incorporate into your life change success in 2013, I currently have just three spots available (online email/phone coaching). $99 gets you three sessions and the action planning tools you need to keep going after that. Contact Christine now to inquire about your coaching sessions.

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