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People Coached To Lose It All Are Winning

What do you do when the odds are stacked against you?

When the risk to your life and health becomes great?

English: Effects of stress on the body.

English: Effects of stress on the body. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s when the majority of people seek change. They do something different, because they hope for better results and greater outcomes. How different is what they do? Sometimes it requires that people take drastic measures. How drastic? In today’s stressful world, they actually plan to lose it all. To gain, they know they must first lose.

It’s widely known that the first steps to changing your life require eliminating and replacing old habits to lose them. It is a process of cleaning out what’s not needed, and replacing it with healthier options. Better options. Things that work by creating a positive outcome.

An article posted by USA Today, shows that American’s are indeed more stressed out than they’ve ever been, but they are adapting to it. It’s there, but people are simply learning to deal with it.

How are they dealing with it?

When you eliminate a situation with a less than beneficial effect on your health, it’s safe to say it will clear out the stress in your life–eventually. But there is even stress involved in making changes. And so the best way to deal with stress is not just eliminate it, but to manage it effectively without adding additional stress in doing so.

Proper life management requires three things:

  1. Eliminating what is not necessary
  2. Making life adjustments and knowing what to do when stress arises
  3. Avoids adding additional stresses

Life management does your body, mind, and soul much good and is very effective as a regular part of a person’s lifestyle.

Managing stress is a logical and effective option overall. Stress simply cannot be completely eliminated from our lives. The next time you’re in your car at a drive through and find yourself watching the clock while counting the number of cars in front of you, trying to determine how on earth you’ll make it to your next destination on time, make a note of it. Even that is stress. And how many times per day are we affected by routine stresses like this?

Stress and anxiety appear in  ways you may not even know. And the unknown can have effects on you that you’re completely unaware of until they show actual signs from the wear and tear they’ve caused. When that happens, it scares people and they will finally seek out help.

People today are choosing not to wait for that to happen.

With the rising cost of health care, and the need to be at work just to pay the bills, people are turning to stress alternatives. It’s cheaper, more effective, and doesn’t require the use of additional medications or expensive equipment. People are learning to deal with it differently. And even though we can handle more stress today, because we are adapting to it, doesn’t mean it isn’t having adverse affects on our physical health and mental well being. Stress must be managed or it will take its toll over time.

What toll does stress take? (taken from “The Effects of Stress” Web MD)

  • Seventy-five percent to 90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.
  • Stress can play a part in problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) declared stress a hazard of the workplace. Stress costs American industry more than $300 billion annually.

Coaching people to lose their life weight is the answer. And it’s not your weight as you stand on a scale. It’s not your body mass. It’s the weight of life you carry around that you cannot even see. Everyone carries around weight in life of some sort. And coaching people to clean out their lives, give up what they no longer need to be weighed down with, and losing the worry and anxiety is what the target is today.

Life management does this by creating an atmosphere of immediate relief upon the horizon for any person who may be dealing with stress. It’s seen by those who use it as a plan available at any time that can be accessed, implemented, and changed as needed. Life Management is the new go-to resource for stress. People choosing to accept that life is just stressful life without doing anything about it are no better off as someone who acknowledges that there are toxins in their water supply, but refuse to filter them out or change their water source for healthier living. Stress can easily become the elephant in the room no one wants to admit is there or is affecting them personally.

Choosing to simply accept something without doing anything about it is not always the best answer, while learning to deal with it is absolutely risky and unwise. And in the long run, ignoring it will people cost even more.

Those losing the weight of stress in their lives are winning. And they are loving it. What they say about less being more is true- contrary to what public opinion is today. Fighting back with life management could save your life. And make it a more enjoyable one that that!

To learn more about RENEW YOU life management click here. And please, share this post.

The best way to change our lives is to stand against what is determined to destroy us. And stress is just that.

Ask your body.

What are you willing to lose to win the battle against stress?


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Hello from Your Coach!

Image of Christine PechsteinTHIS is where you will find all the video based encouragement, life management coaching, and ponder things that will challenge you THINK about your life differently in your nine life areas: Career, Relationships, Spirituality, Health, Finances, Self Improvement, Rest and Relaxation, Entertainment, and Community. Yes, I have combined my blog and website right here!

Put your seat belt on! Christine talks fast and thinks furiously.
And she’ll start uploading her blog segments today.

My Coach

Christine’s former blog is still available at Take This Life And CHUNK it

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You Might Be A Hoarder If…(A Lesson in Life Management)

Living room of a person with compulsive hoarding.

Image via Wikipedia

I have to admit, I’ve watched a few episodes of the hit show Hoarders on A & E. Each time I’ve seen it I would just sit in a state of disbelief and total frustration. I’d not believe that anyone could live with so much stuff around and in such disarray, and I’d find myself tense and frustrated because of the chaos and lack of order. It’s something that personally I just wouldn’t be able to handle without losing my mind. That is just total chaos and would send my stress factor through the roof!

So here my brain goes again as it starts thinking about the truth of the matter behind the stress and frustration I’d felt just watching the show. I quickly was able to see that it was directly related to the life management training I teach.

Hoarding is defined as the excessive acquisition of possessions (and failure to use or discard them).

Guess what? I realized we can be hoarders of things other than just material possessions, and it can DRASTICALLY affect our lives in much the same way that acquiring the material things does! And, as I teach in the life management sessions, the snow ball effect begins and has a negative impact and affects all nine life areas.  If we’re stressed, we can’t focus, our jobs become affected, our relationships, our finances, soon our health from all the stress, and so on. Wow. So, how do we know if we might be a hoarder of non-material items?

Think about it. You might be a hoarder of life junk if:

  • You are still talking about the guy who dissed you at the high school prom.
  • You’re still bashing an ex-spouse.
  • You’re still trying to figure out the lives of your kids for your kids, yet they are now in their 30’s.
  • You’re still volunteering for the Boy Scouts troop when you really don’t want to be, because your son is now 40, and you’d like to volunteer for something else or take a much needed break.
  • You always feel guilty if no one steps up to take on a service roll, so you automatically raise your hand even though you know you just don’t have the time or energy.
  • You feel that you’d be a failure and never volunteer for anything.
  • You don’t have time for friends and family, because you’re too busy doing things you don’t enjoy or wish to do, but can’t say no.
  • You feel stuck and just don’t know how to get the ball rolling to do something you really want to do.
  • You are inundated with baggage from the past.
  • You try to be everything to every body.

Do you see how we can become hoarders and hold on to stuff we don’t need instead of simply weeding it out to take on stuff we truly desire? Can you now see how we need to have a way to clean out our lives to make room not for the good stuff, but the great stuff? Can we try to understand that if we don’t vacate the rolls that are not meant for us, the person it is really meant for cannot serve in that capacity? Can we now begin to feel relief as we see and identify the stressors we should be managing and letting go of? Can you now see how important it is to have a life management plan and know our priorities so we can remain focused? Do you see your closet of life as being too full? When you open that closet door you’ve been storing all this up in, will people have duck and take cover from the stuff that flies out?

We are not super humans. And we don’t have to do everything. We don’t even have to do what earns other people’s approval. We need to have a clear focus, priorities, and a solid foundation. And then we will prevent the hoarding that can occur in our very lives like that of what we watch on TV and gasp in horror over.

When you look at your life, it shouldn’t look like a horror show.

It’s time to clean it out. And it’s time to learn how to maintain it for the rest of the time you have left. We can’t focus on what lies ahead with that much stuff surrounding us. It’s time to set the life hoarders free.

Be sure to check out our no cost training-generosity program right now! And pass the info along!

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Talk Is Cheap, But Perseverance Is Priceless

I sit in a super-excited state of anticipation. I am opening a training center and just yesterday secured the perfect location. My

This is my training center "before" photo. Stay tuned for our "after" photos!

business has just entered it’s third year. And it’s been three years of blood, sweat, and tears. I mean that literally. I’ve sacrificed many hours of sleep, worked two and three jobs, and kept going even on days when I thought there was no where left to go.

And yesterday, I found the perfect office setting and location to open my official training center. Changing lives through developing people self-leaders, self feeders, and life management ninjas is what I do best. I also believe it’s my passion, purpose, and divine calling.

All of this break-through has me thinking about many conversations I’ve had along the way. When people would listen to me, they’d say in opposition or what I think some might have meant as a twisted sort of encouragement:

“You can’t do that. I tried and…”

“That won’t work…”

“I thought about doing, but…”

I could literally write pages of excuses and well meaning things people said that were truly discouraging. But the number 1 thing I heard was and want to focus on here is this: “I was going to do XYZ, but X happened, so I couldn’t do it.” The reality is, they tried ONE thing. One obstacle stood in their way. Whether it was price related, location related, timing related, or the five million other reasons why something could be a challenge to implement, they tried the one thing, met some resistance, and QUIT!

One thing I’ve learned on this three year journey is this:

Talk is cheap, because supply exceeds demand.

People spend a whole lot more time talking about doing things than they actually do doing them. We spend a lot more time planning and a lot less time taking the steps necessary to make those plans or dreams a reality. We talk about being winners a lot more than showing up after we’ve suffered a loss to do it again and again until we finally succeed.

Life is about failing forward. And we learn and grow as we go.

I hope you’ll join me in developing yourself and the people around you by attending workshops, classes, and surrounding yourself with people and materials that encourage you to do more than just talk.

Talk is cheap. But, perseverance is priceless.

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The Bivocational Life

When I was first out of college life seemed so easy. There were two things I had to do: Work and Play. Back then, if I’d known what a bivocational life was, that would have been it. During the day, I would work to make a living and support myself. And after work, I would continue to live my social life where I left off after my college graduation. I wanted to have plenty of time to enjoy my evenings walking the beach, catching a sporting event, or simply hanging out with friends. It seemed to be such an achievable plan, too. It’s funny to look back and see how simple I envisioned my life after a 9-5 job.

But then things started shifting. My life started needing my attention in more than just those two areas.  Life kept growing and changing with things like marriage and kids coming into the picture. And then we added things like school and outside activities. Eventually even more came into the picture. As I grew up, so did my life. And I shared my time  with  ministry, volunteering, and leadership responsibilities that came into play. Pretty soon, my work and home life dividing line got erased. And my life and all the things I was doing just got muddled in the process. I began to realize I needed to manage all the various components of life, because as I grew, so did my needs and the needs of my family.

Instead of trying to be everything to everyone and do everything for everyone, I began to run my family like a team. And each team member had a certain level (even the newest and youngest!) of responsibilities to add to the success of us being an effective (non-frazzled) family. This was the beginning of how I became a passionate teacher of all things life management. I began to manage and coach a team of leaders in my home, and we are the same today-many years later.

As I got involved in ministry, I learned that there is the same need for church and ministry management. For pastors, ministry leaders, and volunteers, there are also many components that make up the life of the church which make it run efficiently and effectively that must be considered when we determine how to manage our personal time and priorities. For anyone who works or serves in the church and combines those  responsibilities with outside life responsibilities and an outside job, effective leadership and proper use of all available resources is imperative not only to the effectiveness of ministry, but also the preservation of staff and the prevention of burnout in all service volunteers.

Developing Leadership Teams in the Bivocational ChurchA pastor and friend of mine, Dr. Terry Dorsett, wanted to help pastors who work two jobs, so he wrote a book entitled, Developing Leadership Teams in the Bivocational Church. This book helps both the pastor and the lay leaders understand the importance of sharing leadership in the church. He has been using these principles in churches in Vermont for several years, and it has worked very well.

Regardless of how pastors and/or church attendees may feel about bivocational ministry, it is a growing practice in North American church life. Patricia Chang is a research professor at Boston College and has studied many denominations and written extensively about clergy issues. Chang has done extensive research on how bivocational ministry is impacting American denominations of all sizes and theological persuasions. In a major study published in the Pulpit and Pew journal of Duke University, Chang concludes that “the majority of congregations in the United States are small, with fewer than 100 regular members, and cannot typically afford their own pastor.” This results in a growing need for more bivocational pastors every year.

Dr. Terry Dorsett is the Director of Missions with Green Mountain Baptist Association in Vermont and will be appearing on my Blog Talk Radio Show, Sunday, October 17, 9pm, CST. (The show is scheduled and will appear on the schedule at Blog Talk Radio next week, but you can mark your calendar now! ) Please don’t miss this opportunity to hear him live and call in with your questions! More details coming soon!

I want to encourage you to learn more about bivocational ministry, leadership teams, and check out his book which is available at and a variety of other online retailers. You can also request it at most Christian bookstores. And we hope you’ll join us in October to learn more!

In the meantime visit to learn more.

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A Life That SCREAMS!

It seems that just about daily the noise around me just increases. There is so much competition that the level of nuisances is beyond what we can consider sane. And the noise we deal with in this day and age is not just in the form of verbal noise. I’m talking about screaming. And it has little to do with what we envision. For most of us, when we think of screaming, we quickly think of a person’s voice beyond yelling stage coming at us with a rush of emotion behind it. That’s not what I’m referring to here.

I’m talking about a life that screams. And as you know from my life management workshops and trainings, there are NINE different life areas. So we have nine different areas of our lives just screaming at us:

Spirituality-we are screaming internally to spend time with God and our Savior to navigate through this insanity called life and all the “obligations” we haven’t filtered through our priorities. We KNOW we need God more than ever, yet we have less time and energy than ever to spend that time with Him.

Career-we have deadlines, trainings, meetings, more and more work being demanded in the same amount of time, and more products/techniques/and tools that are supposed to help us adding to the demands of our day jobs.

Relationships-we have families, spouses, aging parents, children, our grand children, pets (yes, we have relationships with pets…I keep referring to my kiddos as monkeys, lol) 😉 all which require our time and attention as they should. And each one of these relationships adds obligations and other things that we’d like to acknowledge as an important part of our lives (such as our kids sports and other family members special events or activities). Yet, can we realistically do ALL that and not give up our time for our true priorities without feeling guilty for doing so? Hint: Yes, it’s possible with the right skills!

Health-we have a grocery list of things in our lives that are screaming for attention such as blood pressure, exercise, doctor’s advice, check ups, insurance, and on and on. Every morning when I dress I have britches that start SCREAMING to remind me how I still need to lose that 15 lbs. of stop smoking weight! Thankfully, I can sedate those voices with a piece of chocolate cake.

Community: there are so many things that we can be part of in our communities and churches. Yet, most times we feel guilty if someone else is involved in project X, but we’re not. We think something MUST be wrong or we are just not giving enough if we aren’t involved in that too, so we start doing project X out of guilt and confusion, add project Y out of the same, and we try to continue to stay involved in Project Z, because if we quit, there will be no replacement. (I think we’re leaning on co-dependency here and it’s easy to get caught in this trap! The good news is…it’s just as easy to learn the skills to get out!)

Now, these are just five of the NINE life areas. We still haven’t even touched Self Improvement, Entertainment, Rest and Relaxation, and Finances. And those are some big areas left that scream at us about all kinds of things! So factor those in on top of everything else!

Last but not least-don’t forget the world.

Just in public we have to listen to the deafening roar of: Text messages, TV, radio, cable, magazines, news, media, advertisers, internet, internet advertising, sales junk, mail, email, coupons, newsletters, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, mobile web, the latest social media crazes, money saving deals and offers in print and online, on demand services, books, music, podcasts, and ipods/mp3 players, reality shows, and supposedly “wholesome” family television trying to tell us how to be parents who let our kids control us, because they are filling our kids heads with this distorted perception of reality today.

The truth is, we live with this much unnecessary noise every day! While life takes place around us, we are completely inundated with constant noise that refuses to shut off. Some of it we want. But the majority of it we’d rather not contend with. Most of it we don’t even want and can’t figure out how it made it’s way in! Think back to when noise used to be considered just the actual sound of hustle and bustle.  We still have it. But now we have to factor in the other noise. The constant screaming of everything vying for our time and attention. The latest product, gadget, movie, or thing that will improve our life. The must haves just to keep up with society. So you ask what’s the problem?

With a life that screams, it’s hard to hear anything! Finally we reach a point where we can’t take it anymore. We have difficulty leading. We have difficulty figuring out our next steps. We have difficulty raising and leading our families as parents. We simply find we can’t function effectively. We find ourselves so far from where we really wanted to be. And we find we need to take an important time out to eliminate the noise to listen to what we really need to hear: The sound of our priorities as they call us.

It’s hard to FOCUS on our priorities when we are that lost. It’s hard to turn it ALL off and focus on the ONE thing we need to fix it. And it’s nothing that will scream at us. It’s the one thing that doesn’t have to compete with everything to help us. And it simply whispers if we can just get away from the noise to hear it. In life management, you need to break away, take a time out, and stop living a life that screams, so you can turn to the gentle whisper of sanity and truth. And that truth is found in the Word of God. Make THAT your first priority.

Stop living a life that SCREAMS for your attention and find your focus. Quietly focus your life on God. And remember, even Jesus retreated to find peace.

Mark 1:35-36
35Very early in the morning, while it was still
dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off
to a solitary place, where he prayed. 36Simon and
his companions went to look for him,

(A side note: This is why I believe that much can be restored to the believers and our churches! The world IS heavy competition, but we can fight back through the skills learned in life management where the teaching empowers and equips people to win the war on their time and priorities! If you have questions or would like to inquire about trainings, please comment below! And if you can relate to any of this, I especially hope you’ll share your experiences here!)

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That’s Just Life, More Or Less

There’s no question I have plans for my life. I have a vision, a God-sized mission, and a passion to change the lives of people in communities across the globe. Most days, I wake up wanting to skip the heels and put on my running shoes. After all, those are the most versatile pair I have. I can handle most terrain in them, go long distances before my feet tire, and protect my cute little toes (why yes, I DO have really cute toes, lol!) from any danger that may lurk upon the path that I am traveling.

And while all of that is fine and dandy, reality sets in. I look around house. Me? Become a traveling missionary? A person who just goes where ever on this big earth that God calls me? Just drop and go and not hesitate. Wow. Well, who’s going to take care of the dog? Who will pay the mortgage if I’m gone for more than a month or two? Who will mow the lawn?

I suddenly am gripped by the reality that I have things holding me back. There is STUFF in the way. And as I look around my house, I see stuff everywhere. Most of it could truthfully be tossed out and not affect my quality of life at all. And I’ve realized that is because the quality of life I live is not with that stuff. It’s with God. And God goes with me everywhere I go, so in reality I don’t need any of those trinkets and home accessories. None of that helps me complete my mission. In reality it can hinder it if I become tied to it.

As I contemplate life in general, I can see how this spills over to all nine life areas. We have baggage in every department of our lives. We have stuff. And it’s all over the place. So how do we travel through life and live our calling and complete our missions, visions, and goals with all the junk collecting in every corner of our life areas? If we don’t take the time to clear the clutter, we are going to find ourselves tied down, slowed down, and worn down. We have to be conscious about clearing out the clutter simply so we can stay focused on our priorities in those life areas.

Life management is not something that is done once. It’s a skill that is valuable, because it equips us to manage all the junk on a daily basis. And while I’m on this topic, ask yourself this: Could you be carrying around baggage and left over stuff that truthfully isn’t even yours? Are you carrying things on your mind and heart and in your life that should belong to someone else? Shouldn’t they be dealing with it instead of you? This is why life management is such a valuable tool. Learn it so you can live the life YOU want. The life YOU are called to live.

The realization that less is more is invaluable. The less that consumes you-the more focused you are on what really matters to you.

The less you have crammed into your life, your home, and your office-the better you function in each of those areas. You create the space to see clearly what it is you really want to prioritize.

The less you have hanging around that requires your constant attention, the more you have to give to others. For me, this means being able to respond immediately to a need of an individual. It frees me to travel. It frees me to make God the center of my attention. It allows me to maintain my focus. I’m focused on less and have been given so much more than I ever dreamed of.

And that has become my life more or less 😉

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