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Which Do You Prefer? Piece or Peace

What started as a “tweet” on Twitter this morning has led me once again to my blog. I was thinking about the previous blog article I wrote trading a passion for a pay-check and have a little bit more to share.

Here’s the tweet I tweeted:
(that just sounds so odd, doesn’t it?)

“Do u have piece or peace? Give God all the pieces of ur life. When He gets through with them you’ll have more peace. #fb “

I thought of pieces in reference to those who are seeking things: Pieces as in money, fame, material items, people, security

And then I compared it with seeking peace:

Following God’s plan

Spending time in prayer

Doing what is important to His Kingdom

Living a Godly life

Seeking to be more like His son, Jesus

And personally for myself, ANSWERING HIS CALL!!! (There is no internal rest otherwise!)

It just made me think about the two, and I started to wonder:

Which are we seeking? A piece of the world? Or peace in our souls.

That’s why when we seek material things and make them the FOCUS of our lives, we are still not at peace. Seeking the pieces of the world then becomes idolatry, is not of God and not His will for us.


Do u have piece or peace? Give God all the pieces of ur life. When He gets through with them you’ll have more peace.

Get your focus back.

Life Balance around Christ DOES make a difference.

You can view all my tweets here: coachchristine

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Meeting With God

Yesterday, I woke up bright and early. And again today, I woke up earlier than normal. In fact, today I woke up just in time to see the clock change from 6:59 to 7:00am. Had I woken up and looked at it one second later, I would’ve missed it. That’s how I know precisely what time I opened my eyes. Instantly I sat up, and began to think about the day ahead of me. I checked my email, glanced at my web stats and sales reports, and stopped.

I needed to wake up and prepare for a meeting. I grabbed my morning Pepsi, my Bible, and headed out to my deck. I read and reflected. And after a period of time, I closed my Bible, closed my eyes, and laid out all of my thoughts to God. And then I got quiet. I just meditated, with my eyes closed, and took turns thinking, and then listening to the quiet sounds around me.

I had a meeting with God. It was just me taking time to sit and listen. Yes, I could hear the busy birds chirping happily in my Maple tree and the sound of the winds rustling through the leaves, but it was just the sound of Nature and the things that God created that I was hearing. I’d think, stop and listen. And think a little more, listen for a longer period of time, pray, and listen. And then it was eventually just a stillness in my head where I found myself lost in my listening.

What I noticed more than anything was that I became completely focused on Christ in that time. I focused on what is important to me-my priority which is living for Him, becoming more like Him, and being used in this life for His purpose. I feel balanced. I feel prepared. I feel confident and hopeful as I start today. It’is what will help me stay focused as I encounter thousands of distractions, temptations, and otherwise unimportant things that will approach me at any given time during my day. I must stay laser focused to achieve the mission God has placed before me. To do so requires balance and focus.

Life balance is not some gimmick. It’s a real way to live your life and completely focus on what your priorities are. And, since mine is living a Christ-centered life, I am designing more and more of my work to reflect that. It seems that with every meeting, I am getting further and further away from just the regular business models. I am working more and more for the Kingdom of God. I am balanced with my priorities, and how I live and spend my time is a direct reflection of my focus through my balance.

Oh, I will continue to teach and present in the business world…I am not leaving. I was thinking after my meeting with God this morning that more and more of my writing is directly related to balancing and the Kingdom of God. That is where my focus is. That is my priority. That is my PASSION. And my life balancing and life management is keeping me there. Truthfully, those are gifts from God, and I am using them for His glory, and I am so honored and humbled.

I am so happy that God reminded me in our meeting of the importance of what I teach in my workshops. And the best part? Teaching in and for the House of God. Very humbling.

Great meeting 😉

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Can Christian’s Attend Happy Hour?

You can attend this one!

This life changing workshop is appropriate for everyone!

Join the Happy Hour (Life Changing) Workshop Tour

Get your tickets here

This has a history of being a sell out event. Advance purchase is required!

This is a professional workshop and non-alcoholic event. Learn more here

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The Spring Cleaned Life

Each year when the warm weather starts to return, I find myself searching through my closet. I alternate between spring and winter clothing, and after a few weeks of this my closet and drawers desperately need to be reorganized. Actually, I find this to be true after each season has come and gone.

Since I’m a person who naturally can’t stand chaos and disorganization, I find myself cleaning stuff out and rearranging quite often. I believe a lot of that is just part of being a life balance coach. It is a plus though. Each time I clean something out, reclaim space, and eliminate what I no longer need, I also regain my time. By cleaning out the old, I don’t have to root, sort, and hunt for things I can find quickly!

But, there is something so much more important that needs a good cleaning several times per year that often gets neglected. It’s more important than any closet, dresser, or basement. It’s your life.

I created the 30 Day Challenge, a six page packet to aid individuals in reaching their goals by planning action steps and a plan based on what they want each life area to look like. They follow these specific steps week by week for the next 30 days to become what they dream in each area. But, as I worked through one of mine in the life area of community, I realized something completely different.

I stared at the calendar page with a “deer in the headlights” look on my face. By utilizing this calendar technique just to chart my activities for a couple of months, I realized how much time I was spending in one area of my life, but was too out of balance in the rest. Me, a life balance coach, who practices what she preaches in the coaching world, had become so far out of balance! How’d that happen? It happens to everyone, and I mean everyone, as time progresses.

We volunteer for one or two activities, and pretty soon we’ve volunteered for five or six without realizing it. We promise someone we will help out temporarily, which quickly becomes permanent. We try to help others by running errands, adding activities, and becoming involved in projects. For me, I realized how quickly I added activities that began to compete with my time with God, my time with my kids, and my time focusing on what God calls me to do. Personally, when I get frustrated, it means that I am out of balance. Balance equals peace where imbalance leads to stress. To destress, I need to rebalance my priorities and my time based on my priorities.

I know I control my time, and I was ready to reclaim it. I was ready to reorganize, and soon, I realized I also had to eliminate. Yes, the hard part was shaving some obligations and activities off my to-do list. But, I also as a coach understood that if I chose not to eliminate some things, I would have no hope of rebalancing properly. Who would I have to blame for my overcommitted schedule? No one but me. But, wait! I’m a leader! How can I possibly say, “enough?” Easy. Pick up the phone and be honest. Send an email.

Do whatever it takes to rebalance, reshift, and focus your time. I honestly knew that I was becoming diluted. And when I’m diluted, no one is getting quality anything. God is not getting quality time from me, my kids aren’t getting quality dinners and are eating too much fast food, and I am not able to focus the gifts and talents He provided me with to do His will.
That is enough to make me say, “enough!” It doesn’t mean that I have to sit at home and do nothing. Not at all. I am still very much involved in several activities at church and in the community. But, I have cut them back by 50%.

So, how’s it going after spring cleaning my busy life? It’s fantastic as always! My oldest daughter commented tonight about how each evening this week has been fun and relaxed like our weekends. Even though we have school and work keeping us busy, our evenings have been full of good food (and yes, I’m even spending the time in the kitchen to cook it!), the type of laughter that makes our faces hurt, and the peace that comes from a balanced life.

If you are not balancing your life, controlling your time, and maintaining your priorities on a regular basis, you will experience stress, illness, fatigue, burnout, and compassion fatigue. The world will not restore what it takes out of you. The only restoration source for your internal well is Christ. Do whatever it takes to realign, rebalance, and keep your focus

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The View From A Bud

I took a walk after dinner the other night with my youngest daughter. She rode her scooter, and I decided to ride with her which was comical. Two people on a scooter built for one, and every time we hit a crack in the sidewalk, we’d screech to a halt and just about fall over each other.

As we rode around the block, I quickly realized how out of shape I am, so I decided to walk. I haven’t tried to be that limber since I ran track back in high school. I knew I would feel that the next day! Yes, that muscle burn was setting in.

As I walked I noticed that the trees are budding. Soon the leaves will start emerging. This thought process started evolving, and the following is what I ended up with:
What if we had leaves like the trees, yet we didn’t shed our leaves at the end of a season? If trees held on to their old leaves, because they suited them last season, would they really need to grow new leaves for the new season? Could this be related to the human seasons of life?
Oh, you bet! Yippee! I got so excited as I began to see this connection. I started to look at every tree that I walked past!

As people, we have opportunities to serve, work, and volunteer. We have gifts and talents that we can use in different areas, and we can look to God for His will and purpose. Those are the leaves of a season. But, what if some of our leaves are to be shed? What if we are to shed them to let new leaves and buds start to bloom in our lives, so God can equip us with new opportunities and directions?

If we never shed the old, how will we ever see the new or find time for it? And if we do all of it, by holding onto all of the old activities while adding the new, wouldn’t we become so weighed down that we’d eventually break? Would this cause disease to set in, stunt our growth, or confuse us?

Most definitely! As I continued my walk, I got goose bumps. I actually call them God bumps, because they are different than just a chill or normal goose bump. They stem from the soul and radiate outward from that internal place inside, and man, they run deep. I began to see how important life balance is in a new way.

Of course, I know life balance is important. Of course, I know how to do it. Of course, I must maintain balance just like everyone else. But, for the first time in my career, I saw it from a God perspective, and I learned that we must pray, align with God, reprioritize, let go of the old, clean and clear some of our life activities and commitments, and expect new and exciting things to blossom each season.

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30 Day Challenge

What’s the 30 Day Challenge everyone is talking about?

Yes, it’s true! We have added another new product to enhance the life balance and coaching services of our subscribers! It’s a six page, 30 day, short-term plan that assists individuals who wish to change their life in one of the nine different life areas. We often think that life change is something that happens way off into the future, and we automatically believe it will just “happen” when we get older.

The truth is that you and I can achieve life change anytime we want to without waiting an eternity to see results! All we have to do is have a dream or an idea, set a goal, and work toward it. Most times, we know how to dream, we know how to set a goal, but when it comes to working toward it, we think we must have these elaborate plans in place to get anywhere. If we continue to think that way, we will never get past the dream and idea phase. To succeed you must have an action plan with immediate steps you can start taking today!

Dream it. Plan it. Live it. Master it. Become it.

Give yourself permission and stop waiting for someone else to tell you it’s ok to start living!
Subscribe to become a Life Change Subscriber or order your copy today.

In case you are intrested, the March 2009 plan is available! Take a sneak peek below.

March 2009
30 Day Challenge Life Area: Community
Challenge and Goal: Get involved in your church

This six page challenge will also show you how much of your time you spend in just this one life area, so you can readjust if necessary. It’s a good one, because EVERY believer should be giving some of their time, talents, and gifts to the church.Your challenge for the next 30 days is to set your action steps and get involved at your church.As a Life Change Subscriber you will have access to the 30 Day Challenge Forums. Take advantage of encouragement, ask questions, meet other “Challengers” and talk about how your life is changing in just 30 quick days! Check in often-Life change often!

Visit my life balance and career coaching website at

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What’s Your Carrot?

Everyone has a carrot. Even those of us who don’t like them have one or two. Don’t believe me? Let me rephrase that titled question. What motivates you? Money? Power? Greed? Sometimes we find ourselves motivated by things that have taken control of our lives. Suddenly we realize that we are out of control. That my friends, becomes a problem when we start to chase after things we love and let them control our actions and behaviors.

Oh, and by the way, even I have to remind myself of this. I am not immune, and I won’t pretend I am. Fair is fair!When chasing carrots becomes our focus, we are all headed for a rude awakening. We were not designed to spend our lives looking for things that will make us happy, end our pain and suffering, or define who we are based on what we have obtained. Are you ready for this? It’s even hard for me to face this reality (remember, I too have a carrot or two).

Scripture tells us that we are to stay away from idolatry. Collosians 3:5 Therefore, put to death whatever in you is worldly: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desire, and greed, which is idolatry. *HCBS

Wow. That certainly puts it into perspective. I want, I need, I’ll be happy when I get- We are faced with idolatry all day long. There is good news though. Now that we are reminded of it, and it becomes top of mind, we can work to stop it. The next time you feel compulsive and base your actions on obtaining worldly satisfaction through greedy actions to have more, lustful wants because something feels “right”, or because we find ourselves vying to keep up with the neighbors down the street, you have the power to remind yourself that you already have what your heart truly desires.

The love of the one and only Almighty God who is the Author of all creation.Think about it. How could we possibly compare the awesomeness of God to an insignificant carrot (even if that carrot was a big screen TV)? We can’t and shouldn’t. Ever. I hope everytime we see a carrot, we think about the greatness of God who sacraficed His Son, Jesus Christ for us.

No carrot is even comparable to the worth of God. Want to spread this message? Go ahead…ask your neighbor what their carrot is. And be ready to tell them what yours is. I dare you!

(Double dare you!)

Are you ready to balance the carrots in your life? Life balancing works in spirituality, too!

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