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What’s In A Christian Friend?

I was thinking the other day about some non-Christian friends. I wanted to know what it would be like to have friends who believed in God if I didn’t. In fact, I wondered what it would be like for someone to even be my friend if they were not a Christian. As I pondered these thoughts, I realized that many would probably think I’d try to push religion or my view points on to them.

Nope. Being a Christian means that:

I won’t judge them.
I won’t force anything onto them.
I will be friendly and genuine.
I will help them when I can just the same as I’d do for my Christian friends.
I will comfort them when they need it.
I will laugh with them, but not at them.

And the number one thing that I do for my non-Christian friends? I pray.

I pray for them even though they don’t realize it. So, my non-Christian friends…

You have a prayer warrior on your side.

Even if you don’t believe in the power of prayer your Christian friends do. They can’t fix things for you, but they know someone who can. And you can know Him to. Prayer IS powerful.

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Friends Who Check Under The Bed

This has been a week full of tragedy and turmoil. Friends have been hit hard in so many aspects of their lives, and no matter which direction I turn, I see the opposition in full force. Satan seems to be lurking everywhere!
Yesterday a new thought process began as I learned of specific events affecting someone I see day after day. Did I know? Should I have known? Could I have done anything? Did I just assume that things would be just fine? Did I take the time to ask? Why not?

Those questions have been circling around in my head for two days now. Do we focus on reaching out to only those who are outside our churches or our immediate circle of friends? Should we make sure that we are reaching out to those we see day after day, Sunday after Sunday, bible study after bible study? After all, just because people are Christians and part of our church family, certainly doesn’t mean that their lives are all just peachy.

People within our own circles-at home, at work, at church, and in our communities in general all have needs and can use a shoulder, an affirmation, or just a simple, “Hey, how are you doing?” From time to time, all people need the same. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pastor, a church member, or a stranger. Why? It’s a little thing called humanism. We are all humans. We all live in a broken world. We all face the same evil opposition that lurks in the dark.

Tonight at bible study, during our prayer time, I thought about how friendships in Christ would look. If I were to be a genuine friend in the spirit of Christ to people-what would that look like? After our study ended, a friend came to sit by me and we began to chat. It was the first time all day that I could open up, talk about the heaviness I felt, celebrate a victory of hers with her (Yay, God!), and take a deep breath in relief. As soon as I left the building, the title to this blog entry struck me (thanks, God!)

Being a friend in Christ to those we know and to those we meet who have needs, means that we are not afraid to be with them only in the safety of the light. It means that when the opposition is in full force, when darkness tries to creep in and paralyze us in fear, we take them by the hand and check under their bed for the monster. We stand by them and pray with them as we walk to the closet together to make sure that the boogey-man is not lurking in there. We call upon Jesus together no matter how dark or scary it may be. We stand together.
Being a friend in Christ is just being there and having the courage to say, “I’ll stand and pray with you.”

Tonight I will sleep soundly knowing that there was a person who helped me check under my bed. After this week’s events, I’ll be sure I do the same for those I come into contact with. I think I got the point. Thanks, God!


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