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Episode #66 Want More Success? Start Doing Less.



More. More. MORE!

So often, we believe success is off in the future where our goals and aspirations wait for us to catch up to them. But, that’s not true. We can experience contentment, peace, and joy now instead of always chasing something newer, greater, or better that takes our attention off the present and suspends it indefinitely into something we must chase and somehow capture.

Happiness is learning to love the life you have while living fully with what you’ve already got. But, sometimes we’re so busy chasing stuff, that we forget to realize the blessings we already have. Have you ever looked at your children and wondered where the time went? Time and energy are limited in supply and some things are far too precious to get lost in the chase after more.

The truth is, your goals won’t matter until your priorities do. So, this year is your chance to learn a few life management skills that will teach you to prioritize, focus, and enjoy what you’ve got right here and now while building a life you desire for yourself.

Our successes can enjoyed here and now if we learn to prioritize our lives in ways that allow us to focus on less while accomplishing more of the things that matter most. Stop missing out on those precious priorities and start living them today. Go ahead! Tune in now. Give yourself 15 minutes to learn a little about priority management.


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Episode #49 Great Leaders Delegate And This Is Why

If you want to be a great leader, you’ll just learn to do it all yourself.




No, no, no! This is false thinking and a mindset that will burn people out.

As part of your life and stress management, you need to understand why delegation is imperative to successful leaders. One person doing it all is a sure recipe for burnout and fatigue of you and your team. Knowing how to delegate will help individuals focus, do more, last longer, and play harder regardless of what it is you’re working on.

As a leader in a company, community, or home, delegation is a necessary part of life and stress management. The secret is to find individuals that leaders don’t have to micro-manage, babysit, or clean up after. Adults who function this way may not be people that will be helpful to your project or organization. Teaching your children how to work independently and responsibly is a skill that will get them far as they grow up to work in team environments, where work is assigned, and they have the ability to work unsupervised in a trustworthy manner.

Listen in now and learn why delegation is a necessary for leaders.

Don’t burn out. Delegate and work in a smart manner. Many times, it is the line between success and failure.

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Be sure to change your outlook, stress level, and life areas with the “Happier and Healthier People” Complete Life Management System. These online courses are available to you today with instant access!

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PS…Don’t forget to watch all the episodes here!

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Finding Peace, Hope, & Sanity (faith-based Life Management Video)

Here’s an oldie, but OH, so good throw-back Thursday.

Styles change. Production skills improve. And thank goodness!

I always seem to forget how much I’ve learned since first getting started, and how many hairstyles I’ve had (and the bad hair days that came with them) until I step back in time and look at all the life management training videos and segments I’ve recorded and packaged over the years.

I wanted to share this faith-based video with you to give you an idea of the impact life management training that leads you to cling to the cross as your rescue (instead of the world) can and will have in your life.

Feel free to share this. Pass it on.


And if you think Life Management is something that will help you organize your time, energy, resources, and life, then and only then consider taking the rest of the courses I offer in my Life Management Trainings. But, don’t let them be a replacement for your relationship with Christ and your desire to live out God’s word. The rest of the series is full of non-faith based (safe for work coaching and training materials) for any and all organizations. The full training series materials can be used by anyone and any organization. The faith-based video is an optional video and may be skipped by those who do not wish to view it.


I hope you’ll watch and be encouraged. And remember: It’s about building our lives on a solid foundation and renewing our minds in Christ to have a solid physical, mental, and emotional life, too. Don’t allow this world to get the best of you. Armor up and live it out! 🙂


Have you listened to all the “The Gift of Gab Life Management Show”  episodes in Christine’s archives?

You can get them all right here!


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Episode #48 Your Vision Produces Hope & Strength To Succeed

You can’t do that!


It’s not realistic!
It’s too crazy of an idea!
You’re such a dreamer!
You don’t have what it takes!
You just keep trying and failing!
It’s just not practical!This isn’t even possible!



You’ve probably heard some of the above statements when taking about the visions you have in life. The 9 life areas offer plenty of places to dream, plan, and prioritize our lives. Life Management allows us to take control of our time, energy, resources, and plan our lives around our most precious priorities. It allows us to dream, get passionate, and use our lives for the best of what life has to offer…even when it’s just taking time to be alone with friends and family, enjoying the time we’ve been given with them. In our lives, visions can take on many forms both simple and complex. It’s up to us to decide.

And as we do that deciding and planning, dreaming and doing, we find that not everyone understands us. It can be discouraging. It can derail our focus. And it can kill our vision if we focus on the doubt instead of our passion. Passion is what drives. Doubt only knows how to park and give up.
How do we cope? How do we persevere?

Tune in…and get your dose of vision restoration now!


Just because there is no roadway to a mountain you see off in the distance doesn’t mean that you can’t forge a path to it and climb it. Sometimes your visions require you to become a pioneer. Ponder that…and keep moving toward it.



Be sure to change your outlook, stress level,  and life areas with the “Happier and Healthier People” Complete Life Management System. These online courses are available to you today with instant access!

Visit the Life Management Shop today!

PS…Don’t forget to watch all the episodes here!

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The Gift of Gab: Focus On More Than Just Doing

When we think of focus, most times we think of being focusing on what we are doing. And while it is necessary on focusing on what we’re doing in order to be successful, there is much more to how we use our focus in our lives.

We also need to focus on being: Mind and Body.

When we are in with others and building relationships we need to be intentional about focus as it will either make or break them. So many times in our relationships today we are only present in a physical sense, and we’re divided mind from body. Our bodies are present. But our minds are off somewhere else.

We must realize it is imperative that our relationships must be deeper than a superficial depth of focus if we are to grow and flourish them.

Listen to the show to learn more about the importance of our focus in more than just the things we are doing. It’s relevant also to the state of being. It matters greatly to the depth of our relationships and our ability to trust in them.

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How Stress Multiplies, full post

I want  you to become AWARE of something.

I want you to become aware of how stress multiplies in your life. It can grow like yeast and overtake your good days if you let it.

As you go through even your best days, there are things that will occur that can get you off track.

It can get you to focus on the negative. It puts your mindfulness on what is going wrong or not as you’d planned and takes it off of what is going right. And to combat those negative patterns, your life management skill and techniques are necessary to remind yourself of your plan of action.

And that plan of action is how YOU will choose to place your focus to RENEW your mind.

Once you are consciously aware of how negativity and little frustrations that seem so small and innocent can sneak in and sabotage your time, energy, focus, and drain your stamina, you’ll have a fighting chance to renew your mind, regain your focus, and carry on toward the GOOD, right, joyful, and hopeful things in your life.

Misery loves company. And so does negativity. If we can become aware of how our frustrations affect us, we can stand against it, fight, and win.


How Stress Multiplies In Your Life from Christine Pechstein on Vimeo.

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Asking Your Coach: Overcoming Obstacles

Asking Your Coach:

I get asked questions quite often about how I got to where I am from where I was, and how I’ve overcome so many obstacles in my own life…so once in awhile, I’ll share an answer to the questions I receive to hopefully inspire someone else.

Here’s one question I received from a reader:

How do you stare at your obstacles and not let them scare the daylights out of you?

And here’s my honest response. I say honest, because it’s not just what I’d tell someone. It’s what I have personally lived.

Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the simple and smallest obstacles can be some of the greatest. So, don’t let size fool you. Being a single mother and having no one to rely upon forced me to face every challenge. And it also taught me a lot. Obstacles are the very things we can learn from if we take advantage of them. If we go away scared and never confront them, we don’t learn anything! We miss an opportunity! So, yes, I am saying that obstacles are sometimes opportunities!

How did I face them? Why did I decide to stare right at them and not run away from them?

I didn’t want the obstacle to become the end of me, the end of my story. I had much more to look forward to than that. All I had to do was look beyond the obstacle at what I felt was possible if I defeated it, took it head on, blasted through it without looking back, and moved beyond it.

One thing I learned though: When you get through one obstacle, you’ll have another. And another. Life is full of them. But as we defeat EACH ONE, we learn that we can get through the next, and the next, and the next if we just keep our focus on what lies in the victory and not the obstacle itself.

NEVER let your obstacle become the end of your story!

Use it as the beginning of your next testimony!

Seek God, pray, and move forward! Don’t let the enemy scare you into thinking our story has to end in defeat. Keep your eyes on Christ-and you’ll know victory is beyond the lie the enemy tries to make you focus on. Our focus is in Hope and hope is victoriously beyond our obstacles. Our strength comes from Christ, and we can persevere! We can defeat our obstacles. Every single one of them!

Press on, live as an over-comer, and make the victorious life your mindset!

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