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Do YOU Really Want To Be Here?

This is something I could write about on my business website or my blog, but I’m choosing my blog for now since I thought of this at church yesterday.

Do You Really Want To Be Here?

We’ve all seen and heard people make excuses of why they couldn’t do this or that, why they couldn’t be here or there, or why they just gave up on something.

I believe many times that the answer is they didn’t really want to be there. Or it just wasn’t something that important to them.

Have you ever heard excuses from friends who didn’t follow through, people who didn’t show up when they should have, or listened to “stories” as excuses that “buy” an “out?”

Have you heard the excuses?
“Oh, I was just too tired.”
“My car wouldn’t start.”
“My dog died, it’s ninth death this month.”
“So and so couldn’t go, so I didn’t either.”

And then we’ve all observed the exact opposite. You know, the people who do care and still made all the effort to get to their destination. Why? It was IMPORTANT and had meaning to them.

Here are examples:
The single mothers and fathers who get multiple young kiddos ready for church all by themselves, secure transportation with another family member, juggle all the kids, diaper bag, and toys just to get to church on time.

The person who won the lottery, but hitch-hiked all the way to the capitol city to cash in their winning ticket despite not having transportation or a penny to their name to get a ride any other way.

The ill person due to accept an award at a banquet who despite being sick, makes every effort to show up anyway.

The parent who has had a terrible day that smiles through the school play and pretends not to have a headache.

It’s the difference between having a vested interest and not. It’s the difference between wanting to be there and not. It may not always be easy or pleasant, but you are there, because you want to be. You didn’t let the obstacles get in your way, and you didn’t settle for excuses.

Go YOU!!!

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Get Off Your Buts!

I attended the Town Hall For Hope and listened to Dave Ramsey lastnight, and as always, he is right on the money. Ha, that was good…right on the money!

As a coach, I just had to write about my thoughts-what else is new, right?!

If you have some of the following thoughts the blog entry on Move Into Action will be right up your alley. The more I thought about it, I knew I couldn’t ignore it. The problems we face are most often caused by the buts (excuses) we make. I’m can’t ignore what I’m passionate about, and every person has potential. No if, ands or buts.

I included all the links at the bottom of this post. Happy Friday!

Do you always seem to sabotage your efforts?

Does life seem to be passing you by?

Are you nine life areas what you thought they’d be by now?

Do you find yourself saying, I would, but…

Get Off Your buts and Change your life!

Are you participating in the recession?

While you are visiting my life balance website, be sure to Get off your buts (excuses!)


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Make Mine A Diet

How many times have we witnessed someone in a restaurant placing an order that includes a diet soda? “I’ll have the fried chicken, mashed potatos smothered in extra gravy, a side of home fries, and for dessert I’d like the triple scoop chocolate suicide sundae with extra whipped topping. Oh, and I’d like a Diet Coke with that.”

How much sense does that make? A full meal full of starch, carbs, little fiber, and enough fat grams to last a week. What difference does the Diet Coke make? The truth is, it makes very little difference. The food being consumed is not going to help keep this person healthy, nor is it going to assist them in maintaining their proper weight.

Thinking about this same scenario, could it be that we actually do this in other areas of our lives? How about with our relationships, addictions, and all of the little white lies we tell ourselves? We compromise by not going all the way to give up something we know we should do without. We think that this will not make us as guilty as if we’d not tried at all to be good with at least part of it. Truthfully, I think we do this more than we’d like to admit. Remember, we have become a society of justification.

“Well, I will ONLY go 10 mph over the posted speed limit. That’s not so bad.”

“Well, I will ONLY drink one beer before I get in my car to drive. That should be okay.”

“Well, today I’ll only smoke 5 cigarettes. I will be a little healthier.”

“Well, I can look at semi-nude pictures online. It’s better than the full blown stuff.

“WELL? What’s with all the wells? If you are not a water well digger, you shouldn’t have that many. This includes me, too, so I will use we instead. We shouldn’t have that many. If we find ourselves using this self justification to meet our wants instead of God’s wants for us, we are doing nothing more than digging ourselves into a hole. The next time we start a sentence for justification with “Well…” we should ask ourselves what we are trying to justify and for whom.

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