And I Quote

Have you ever read or heard a quote that just tickled you from your head to toes, made your heart leap out of your chest, consumed every working cell in your body, held in captivity each brain cell and made your hair stand on end because it was on a subject that you are totally and completely passionate about? It happens to me when I read my Bible on occasion also, and when it does…I just have to share it!

Here’s a quote that I just saw on Twitter:

“If the Lord left you on this earth another day, it means He has work for you to do. God doesn’t waste His real estate.” Steven Furtick

After reading his quote on Twitter, I had a few things that flew out of my mouth:
“Let’s GO!”

God isn’t wasting time or resources…so are we?

Has He sent us a blessing that we are afraid to embrace?
Has He asked that we go and do something that we are afraid of?
Do we think it’s too hard?
Is it too uncomfortable?
Are we scared of getting hurt?
Do we think we might fail?
Are we “stalled out” and “praying” over it?

A ship tied to the harbor cannot be moved by the wind. Untie yourself. And let God guide you.

And if the wind dies down for a bit-don’t automatically panic, because you’ll sink your boat.



And don’t waste the value that God has placed in you and your blessings.

What the world needs is a passion. BE passionate for God and go and do today what He has placed you here for. You’ve got a job to do. BE the passion, live the passion, and let your life reflect that you are passionate for Jesus. That would be the equivalent of holding an open house. Open yourself and live passionately on purpose for the cause that God has given you!

I’m stopping this post here: I have a job to do-and I’m hitting the streets to visit with churches to go and do what I am here to teach! Yaaabadaaaba dooooooooo!

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Benefits Of Double Vision

I’m sitting in Houston, Tx at a family reunion, and I’ve had some incredible moments again with my kids. (Ok, and actually…I am laying next to my daughter in my parent’s RV just chomping at the bit to write a blog post.) The more time I spend with my kids, I am more than certain that it is they who are teaching me just as much about life as I am teaching them. It’s a two way street. And, that is an incredible thought pattern responsible for this blog post about double vision.

I have spent the past few days thinking about my kiddos, and I’m willing to share a few of my thoughts: (and notice how each below is in pairs/doubles…cool, huh?!)

1. They are my kiddos.
2. They are not just my kiddos or children that have come to me through my bloodline or biological magic. They are God’s children (as am I), and they have been entrusted to me by the Creator of the Universe to raise. This is nothing short of an honor and privilege regardless of how they became entrusted to me.

1. I expect respect from my kids.
2. I show love and respect to my kids as their elder just the same as I expect it.

1. I desire time with my kids and attention from them.
2. My kiddos (even my teens) desire and crave attention with me, too.

1. I discipline my kids through teaching and not through yelling, threats, or control.
2. My kids learn from me the same way I learn from God, The Father.

1. I am always cleaning up after my kids, because they constantly make a mess of some thing!
2. God is always cleaning up after me, because I am always screwing some thing up and asking for His help to clean up the messes I’ve made.

1. The best way to teach my children anything is to model the behavior through elimination, moderation, or addition. (This means eliminating bad/unwanted/unhealthy behaviors, knowing and modeling self control and moderation, and adding behaviors that are beneficial for life change and self improvement.)
2. The best way to learn some things is by watching your children and then modeling them. They are inquisitive, playful, and purposeful. I have never watched a kid play half heartedly, because they are too busy creating a purpose for their play.

I could go on and on. Tonight I was on my way to bed, but I decided to sit and chat with my son under the stars, since he wasn’t quite ready to head to bed yet. We took my laptop and tried to pull up a map of the stars and constellations to pin point the stars. However, I am just not that talented at direction, so we ended up having a few good laughs and a lot of great conversation.

After more than an hour of just talking and giggling with my teenager, I was heading to bed when I thought about double vision. I think we tend to think of our children from an “ownership” perspective, when in reality they are God’s children and we are raising them for His purpose! Does that thought not just blow your mind? While I may want and hope they go to this college or that college, I find myself ultimately remembering that I am raising them to become part of God’s great plan. And when I find myself viewing them as children of God, entrusted to me, I find myself wanting to learn more about how Jesus:

Spoke to people.
Taught people.
Loved people.
Respected people.
Helped people.
Humbled himself to other people.

I don’t want to follow how my parents did things to raise me and how the world taught me to raise my kiddos. And I mean no disrespect in that at all, because my parents did a fine job which I commend them for. But, when I really think about the type of parent I want to be, it has more to do with who Jesus was, how he acted towards people and children, and I find myself wanting to model my parenting style toward His teaching style.

Some days I see my kids as exhausting or not learning and making necessary decisions quickly enough. And then I have to take into consideration that there is another way to look at the situations and my children. That second vision shows me how to view it from Jesus’ standpoint. And that makes my vision double. It’s no longer just my vision. But, instead a blended vision of what I see and how Christ would view and react/teach various things to The Father’s children.

The more I view my children from His perspective and see how much He has entrusted to me, the less I focus on my perspective alone. The more I see people in general from this perspective the more my relationships grow and flourish. And the more they grow and flourish, the more I get to enjoy them. This is one benefit I plan on keeping, because I want all of my relationships to be grounded in Christ. And in order to grow them, I must keep seeing beyond my own eyes and learn to see more through His.

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Ya’ll Look Out…Dad’s Driving This Rig

I am heading South to the great State of Texas for a family reunion. We’re riding in my parent’s RV, which I love. Camping is a fav activity of mine, so I’m pretty excited. I am taking my laptop, and if I’m inclined to post a blog article, I will. If not, I will catch everyone in about a week.

Here’s a preview of what I’ll be doing:
Playing hostess in the RV while my dad drives.
Braking from the back, since my dad is driving. LOL!
Grabbing snacks and drinks for everyone.
Lighting matches while in route (don’t ask).
Reading, planning, and brainstorming.
No napping…my dad is driving! (Ok, so he sight-sees while driving…but at least there are no mountains or cliffs this time!)
Oh, and I’ll be seriously missing my kitty cat, Chunks. He’s my bud (and he knows it;-)
Praying…you guessed it…dad is driving (I’m just kidding!) I pray ’cause of all the other crazies!

Alright, ya’ll have a great fourth if I don’t post before then! I lived in Texas for 12 years and it’s true. You an take a girl out of Texas, but you just can’t take the Texas out of the girl! Ya’ll!

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Stormy Weather

Here’s something rather cool that I added to my business website under The Daily Grind.

It will make you think:
What have I not done today that will cause storms later (procrastination) or what do I need to listen to today to prevent and weather storms later…Hmmm…

Think about it…

read it here

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When God Interrupts Your Regularly Scheduled Life

Today I heard the news of two celebrities dying. One who was ill, and the other who died suddenly. Regardless, I ‘m not going to write about them. What I’m going to write is a message that I got loud and clear today.

I started my day in the usual way. Pour a Pepsi, take the dog out, and say “Good Morning,” and pray to God. From that point on, I either have appointments I need to keep, work to get started on, or find solutions to issues that I want to resolve.

This morning:
1. I wanted to find a mentor.
2. I wanted to map out my next book.
3. I wanted to explore open positions in ministry to work with a team of leaders.
4. I wanted to call the school to inquire about financial assistance for obtaining that Master’s Degree.
5. I wanted to vent my frustrations and whine a little over a few things.
6. I wanted to write a blog entry on mentorships and research the web for some information.
7. I wanted to attend the board meeting (Yippee, I was voted on as a board member for a non-profit!)
8. I wanted to pray EXTENSIVELY to figure out my next steps, spend time in Scripture, and walk with the Lord for awhile. (And no this doesn’t represent the order in which they were done. Number eight was actually the first to be done 😉

This afternoon after learning that several celebrities had died within a few hours of each other, my remaining schedule is looking like this:
1. (Not important)
2. (Need to just get over it)
3. (Really, this was a must do?)
4. (Venting? Seriously? Was it THAT bad?)
and on and on and on…

I was reminded that our circumstances can completely take us so far off target that we start to focus on them and lose sight of what God really wants us to do. And for me, this got my attention. All of the sudden I thought, “If today were my last day, would I have been focused on what God wanted me focused on or would I have been focused on appointments, bills, and stupid stuff?” Well, I decided today that I don’t want to die while focused on stupid things that mean nothing to The Kingdom. Nope, when God calls me home, I want to go focused and fixed on His promises.

My daily programming shouldn’t be based on the crisis of the hour, the 1001 things to do, and scheduling things that will occupy my time for the next six months. My daily programming was interrupted today to remind me of what truly IS important. My task should be to focus on what God has given me for the day. Meet the need. Do the task. Write the book. Help a neighbor. Talk to a friend. But not without keeping my focus on Him and seeking His clear direction. Life is too short. I realized that one of the most important things I want to do each day is to make sure that I am right with God in my actions, thoughts, and motives.

That requires focus. And today I realized that my focus was on things that in the end don’t really matter. Now that I can get back to my regularly scheduled life, I find myself thinking most of the stuff I have on my list is not as important as I once thought. Those tasks can wait while I realign my focus on what really matters. Wow. Totally attention getting. Thanks, God! I needed a change in perspective.

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Practice What You Preach

My latest workbook, Practice What You Preach, is now available!

Practice What You Preach is a workbook designed for entire churches, Sunday school classes, small groups, and individuals to use to take what they learn in sermons and biblical teachings and put it into practice 30 days at at time! The 30 Day Challenges can be selected by the Pastor, leader, or individual. The workbook exercises help individuals track their progress, learn and study Scripture it relates to the given 30 Day Challenges, and promotes personal accountability and responsibility for life change.

This is a revolutionary workbook designed to put into practice what we are preaching!

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Meeting With God

Yesterday, I woke up bright and early. And again today, I woke up earlier than normal. In fact, today I woke up just in time to see the clock change from 6:59 to 7:00am. Had I woken up and looked at it one second later, I would’ve missed it. That’s how I know precisely what time I opened my eyes. Instantly I sat up, and began to think about the day ahead of me. I checked my email, glanced at my web stats and sales reports, and stopped.

I needed to wake up and prepare for a meeting. I grabbed my morning Pepsi, my Bible, and headed out to my deck. I read and reflected. And after a period of time, I closed my Bible, closed my eyes, and laid out all of my thoughts to God. And then I got quiet. I just meditated, with my eyes closed, and took turns thinking, and then listening to the quiet sounds around me.

I had a meeting with God. It was just me taking time to sit and listen. Yes, I could hear the busy birds chirping happily in my Maple tree and the sound of the winds rustling through the leaves, but it was just the sound of Nature and the things that God created that I was hearing. I’d think, stop and listen. And think a little more, listen for a longer period of time, pray, and listen. And then it was eventually just a stillness in my head where I found myself lost in my listening.

What I noticed more than anything was that I became completely focused on Christ in that time. I focused on what is important to me-my priority which is living for Him, becoming more like Him, and being used in this life for His purpose. I feel balanced. I feel prepared. I feel confident and hopeful as I start today. It’is what will help me stay focused as I encounter thousands of distractions, temptations, and otherwise unimportant things that will approach me at any given time during my day. I must stay laser focused to achieve the mission God has placed before me. To do so requires balance and focus.

Life balance is not some gimmick. It’s a real way to live your life and completely focus on what your priorities are. And, since mine is living a Christ-centered life, I am designing more and more of my work to reflect that. It seems that with every meeting, I am getting further and further away from just the regular business models. I am working more and more for the Kingdom of God. I am balanced with my priorities, and how I live and spend my time is a direct reflection of my focus through my balance.

Oh, I will continue to teach and present in the business world…I am not leaving. I was thinking after my meeting with God this morning that more and more of my writing is directly related to balancing and the Kingdom of God. That is where my focus is. That is my priority. That is my PASSION. And my life balancing and life management is keeping me there. Truthfully, those are gifts from God, and I am using them for His glory, and I am so honored and humbled.

I am so happy that God reminded me in our meeting of the importance of what I teach in my workshops. And the best part? Teaching in and for the House of God. Very humbling.

Great meeting 😉

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