Episode #83 Whittling Your Crazy Life

Priorities . . . 

Who needs them? Everyone!


One of my greatest faults is this: There is so much to be done for the Kingdom of God, the world, my family, that I would try to take it on all by my lonesome. There were many years of trying to do that, but I learned the hard way, that I must refrain from trying to do it all myself. It’s not healthy for any one person to be or make themselves a superhero. It eventually catches up with you.
So many things need to be done that are all important; it will take more than one. That’s why God made many, and the spiritual gifts were distributed according to His will. Christine will not do all. She can’t. And thank goodness, because I run around and frazzle myself out way too much as it is. So, I’m being transparent here, to prevent me from doing too much and making myself even more frazzled with the “Oooh, I wanna dos,” I’m choosing to limit myself to just THREE things, and they’re not all three for ministry. I mean three things TOTAL, in my life, that I’ll allow to take my time, energy, and resources, because that’s all I’ve got in this season, especially while I’m conquering my health issues.
There may be others who can do five, six, or eleven things, but that’s not effective or healthy for me. For my sake, I need to choose three and do those three things well. That’s what’s great about life and priority management. It’s NOT just one size fits all. That’s why, when I started coaching and training, I chose to specialize in life and stress management. Coaching people on reaching goals alone wasn’t enough, because they could create all the actions plans they wanted; they still didn’t have the time, energy, or resources necessary to reach them. I could see people had good intentions, so I decided to specialize in life and stress management to help the too busy person whittle their goals down their most precious priorities, and create the life they really wanted with much of what they already had.
The same principle applies with our careers, families, and other things. At certain times in our lives, we need to step away from too much in order to specialize and do well. What we choose to do will change as the seasons of life change. And that’s to be expected.
So, knowing what you do about your life, your season, and your priorities, do you think you need to add or remove something to refine your focus or expand it?
Something good for everyone to ponder regularly, especially as our seasons of life change. On that note, I hope you had a fantabulous Thursday. I focused on one of my three and got just enough done. Now it’s time for some Rest and Relaxation . . . an often overlooked life area. Don’t overlook it!!

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I Know FULL WELL I’m Not Attending Satan’s Pity Party

You know how it goes. You see other people’s lives going oh, so perfectly.

That other woman has the perfect face, perfect body, perfect hair.

And that one . . . the one with the perfect personality, the one who can cook, the one who is quiet, the one who is smarter, the one .

Then there’s the one who is loved and cherished and seems to have the perfect relationship. She’s doted on by her love-struck beau because he thinks, you know, she’s perfect. And she is–for him.

They’re all perfect. And you’re still single. Or you’re struggling with issues in life and feel so imperfect compared to others. And not only that, you’ve got many faults that you’re now focused on. You’re actually listing them. You’re convinced now that they’ll keep you stuck where you are forever, because that’s all people will see in you. Your faults, mishaps, imperfections . . . all of it. It feels like it’s labeled on your forehead: IMPERFECT CHICK. Comparison kills us by sucking everything good we do have in life right out of us, because we focus on what we don’t have or what’s different, rather than the good things and blessings we do indeed have. It induces pity and pity never likes to be alone. It wants a party.

So you start to mope. You feel sorry for yourself. You play along with this game and envision yourself 72 years old with 72 cats. You’ll become the single-forever-imperfect cat lady. And you feel a little blue, wonder what you have to do to become so perfect like those other women, the women that are snatched up like gold, and all of the sudden it hits you.

Satan is on my back big-time, and he’s whispering those lies to me. Every single one of them. And he keeps whispering until I am reminded in the blink of an eye, that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

How do I know? I recall Psalm 139

Psalm 139:14 New International Version (NIV)

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

Ok, Satan. Here is the truth:

I AM fearfully and wonderfully made by my Creator. His works are wonderful. God doesn’t create junk. Look at the world. C’mon. I know that full well.

That last line stops me, because it’s something that struck me full well. I need to have God’s word so bound to my mind and heart that at any given moment, I am able to remember the truth about who I am and what I’m here for that I can stop the pity-party immediately. I didn’t do it right away. I gave Satan a little time to play with my mind when I should have kicked his sorry behind out immediately.

So, my challenge to myself is this:

TO KNOW THAT FULL WELL. And then to remember it full well.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I know that full well.

To know it full well means it’s not something easily forgotten. It’s something I clothe myself in daily as I recall the truth and live it out. Think about how much our lives will change when we know the word full well, and LIVE like we know it full well.

Ponder those words in that verse: FULL WELL. I mean, WOW!

Full well doesn’t have time for pity parties, and full well won’t even allow us to consider an RSVP for such deceit. Think about it, and challenge yourself to know full well what the truth is.

Full well changes everything and gives Satan nothing on us.

I gotta run–time for church–time to worship God: The Almighty.

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At First Glance I Am . . .

I’m a woman with issues. Haha!

Most days when I think about what I’m all about, I think of many really good and fun things.

I love music and I love to dance. I love to be spontaneous and silly. I love to converse and talk about wild, weird, and great things of wisdom that often times are way above my head. Not always, mind you, but some times. I love my kids, and pets, I love cake, I enjoy flowers, and I am probably the one person you’ll meet that is not a huge fan of ice cream. I hate seafood and fish, and I will stay 5 miles away from a spider.

Those are a few fun facts. They seem pretty normal.

And then there are the physical attributes that I possess such as my ultra short hair that I just happen to love. Yes, I miss my head of curls, but I love the simplicity and funk of the short. Add the blonde color, and I feel fabulous. Give me my favorite lipgloss and I’m feelin’ fly –so Toby Mac! I love to dress up, I have fun dressing down, I like to be creative with fashion while keeping it simple (see a simplistic and organized theme here), and that makes me happy to be me. I’m comfortable (becoming so) in my own 40-something skin. Mainly–it’s not about the make up. It’s about great skincare and wearing clothing that covers but compliments me. After all, I want more than anything, to be a Godly woman. Oh, and that struggle is REAL! I’m still growing and trying. And I know God has much more work yet to do. My goal is to be available and obedient.

So, on top of who I am, there’s also the spiritual me. If I could be a person out of the Bible, King David hits it for me. To be a person after God’s own heart—that sure does fit. Like I said, I have so much work to do, because I continually fall short. The gifts that God has given me are important. Teaching is when I find myself in the zone. And not just any zone. The. Zone. There is such passion and fire, and it’s an excitement that comes with teaching and evangelizing that I can’t put words to at the moment, because that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about knowing what qualities I have but fearing sharing them.

My prayer for a very long time is that God would allow me to have a ministry partner. You know. Someone to love, and live life with, and build a ministry together serving in community as He calls. And this is where my fear comes in, because not only do I have the above mentioned qualities—I have some I didn’t mention.

Photo of Christine Pechstein taken in the hospital August 2015.I have health issues without resolution. Currently, we’re still searching for a diagnosis. Or at least I believe we are. One doc gives the impression that it will be written off, but I’m fighting hard to find out what’s going on neurologically. If Multiple Sclerosis is in fact what I have (and I’ve heard it can take from 10-23 years to diagnose), I’m learning to live with the symptoms, and it’s a challenge. It’s such a challenge that my entire life has been turned upside down. That doesn’t mean I have a terrible life, it just means that I have limitations (fatigue, exhaustion, balance issues, memory loss, cognitive issues, and oh, the list goes on and on and on and on . . . and I’m learning to reprioritize and rely upon life and stress management tools.

So, if I pray for a ministry partner, if I pray for just the right guy, and God grants that prayer, what then? What on earth do I really have to offer him?

And that’s where I get stuck.

Family is no help, because they’ll say the things they think they should say to make you feel better. Friends are the same–they all want you to feel better, so they say all this mushy, feel-good stuff which is OK, but it’s superficial. I guess for me, it’s much more than that. It’s a question that I find myself asking God. And I’m waiting for Him to answer. Maybe His answer will come through the right godly guy. Maybe that’s what it will take to make me see that medical issues are not a big deal. Or maybe I’ll learn that it IS a big deal.

I think this is why I’ve waited so long to date. To consider the possibility. Because most often when people say it doesn’t matter, you find out that it really does. I have friends that I haven’t seen for what feels like forever. Illnesses, surgeries, and diseases can change things. I know it’s changed me. I wonder what kind of ministry I can do and keep up with. I wonder if having a life partner and marriage would be fair to the other person. I wonder if God keeps me separated and single, because of that, or maybe because it’s just better that way.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not sad. I just wonder. Because when that guy glances your way, at first glance what he sees is just the beginning. And then you find yourself wondering if he’ll stay once he understands the depth of who you really are beyond that first glance.

Just one glance can create a hope, and a hope can be a nope. I guess the best thing to do with such uncertainties is to leave it up to God as I’ve done with my medical uncertainties.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds. He does. So, I’ll just let Him hold me and then I won’t miss anything: godly guy or not.

Having a neurological disease is risky. You could lose your balance and hit your head. But, if it meant that Mr. Right would be there to catch you, it would be worth the risk. And, hey. God can work miracles like that. So, maybe there’s hope for this dizzy (balance challenged) blonde. 🙂

Never lose hope, but allow God to do what’s best . . . whatever that is.

Until next time—XOXOXO



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BIG Changes! MIA Ministry Is Coming!

Here’s the latest update on what’s happening at Move Into Action.


You are probably aware that I’ve been battling a disease for several years, and the symptoms affect me pretty much every single day. My life has been turned upside down and rearranged, because I have an extremely limited amount of energy, which means I have a limited amount of time to get my things professionally and personally done.

My medical team has been trying to rule out Multiple Sclerosis for a long time and I’ve heard it can take DECADES before a diagnosis is reached. So, I’m living in a limbo with some very real, and very limiting symptoms. I’m making accommodations, so I can at least do something and feel productive, because  as you know, I am a busy bee, always working on something type of person, and this is a foreign thing for me. I’m adapting and that’s the reason for these changes.

I can’t do everything I was. I was running a business and a ministry, but I can’t do both. I can only do one or the other, and whichever one I chose, my involvement would be limited.

So, after whittling it down: I chose to continue the ministry. There are enough people out there in the world coaching and training to help people live their dreams, their best lives now, and focus on success in this world.

But, there are not enough people out there speaking and teaching truth, equipping believers to stand in that truth, while bringing people closer to God and the Bible. And that’s where I want to be. Whether my life be long or short, I want to be nowhere else but here: Teaching, Equipping, and Defending. 

Move Into Action Ministries is coming. (Excuse me for a moment. EEEEEEEK!!-shout of excitement, because this has been a VERY HARD ROAD!) It will focus on four areas. I will write one blog post per week. And that’s it.

The four areas of MIA Ministry are:

  1. Life and priority management. Building lives on a solid Biblical foundation is essential, so I’ll continue to teach life and stress management through blogging. My classroom training is still available at SOLMA-the school of life management I founded. That is still open.
  2. Reverse Church Planting. This should be called The People Planting Church, because it will be doing the opposite of gathering people into a building. It will focus on inspiring people to go OUTSIDE the four walls and get active in community. Oh, and everyone will  have the time to do it once they learn life and priority management from #1 above. (Grin.) No more sitting on your butt. It’s time to Move Into Action, and this means everyone.
  3. Apologetics. You need to know how to defend and stand firmly in  your faith in this culture and the culture to come. You also need to know basic apologetics to help others understand Christianity and plant seeds in such a pluralistic culture. There are not many ways to God. There is only ONE way and it’s a narrow road. We need to be equipped to help others see the need for God and the narrow road. Many need Salvation, and those who are on the fence will need us to help them understand the differences and their need for Christianity. We can be prepared to help them and stand ourselves when punishment for standing comes. Look around. It is coming as the world becomes more intolerant of conservative Christianity.
  4. Life Hacks! Everyone loves them. Life Management is all about getting rid of excess and baggage that weighs you down and keeps you stuck. You’ll have more time, energy, and resources when you learn how to eliminate what you no longer need, and that will allow you to Move Into Action and serve where God calls you: in your home, community, church, ministry . . .

I plan on kicking off in August, because I need TIME. I need time to make the transition from a business to a ministry. Plus, I need to rest as I do this. If I overwork myself, I become sick and pretty much useless physically and mentally. So, I have to do what I can, and trust that God will work where/when I can’t. BTW, these are some tough lessons to live out!

Stay tuned . . . August will approach quickly.

I hope you’ll pray for this ministry and support it however you can.

Blessings to you,


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Episode #80 Watch Your Mouth: The Curse of Cool

The curse of cool. What do people expect when they think you’re cool?

What will you compromise when acting cool? What do YOU think people think is cool? Do you base your behavior and actions off of these ideas you have? I recorded this episode, because I find that even I will believe that certain things make me seem cool, but then when I step back and think about it, I realize it’s not cool. It’s the opposite. And cool causes compromise.

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Mom Said! Don’t Compromise The Truth

When peer pressure is on, it’s easy to compromise what we know is the truth.

Regardless of how old we are, we must guard that we don’t compromise:

Our values.

Our morals.

Our ethics.

And most of all, our integrity.

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Ps And Qs: They’re Not All Yours To Mind Episode #79


How often to you find other people trying to fix things in your life when you really prefer they not? Have you found yourself thinking that others should mind their own business and work on their own lives and not yours? On the flip side, how many times do you get involved in someone else’s business when you should be minding your own Ps and Qs? Stuff we should all think about, because it causes life management conflicts and much unnecessary stress.

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