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What’s to know? In a nutshell, this is who I am:
Image of Christine with The 7 Day Sermon WorkbookI’m a Jesus loving, leadership junkie, life management consultant, author, teacher, speaker, and creative goofball who believes that every person has potential!

Want to know more? You can start by visiting my one-stop landing page to help you see all my online stuff or by reading my professional profile from my website. Or you can check out my other blog about my personal life journey, STOP COMPARING ME! If you’re interested in Testimonials and References or information for speaking and teaching, you can learn more about that, too.

If that’s still not enough:

I am a real person. A strong, but equally fragile woman who relies heavily on God for direction, support, and encouragement. I have a great faith, am a prayer warrior, and I live to reach the little people…the forgotten people…the one’s that most often get overlooked. And I live to create leaders out of everyone-if not to lead a group of people (not everyone is a leader in that aspect), to lead themselves to live on purpose and with a great passion right where they are to change the world one person and one life at a time. Everyone can make a difference, and everyone is here for a purpose.

I’m also a woman who has tried to spend most of her life hiding. I’ve hidden my naturally curly hair by straightening it every day with a flat iron. Why? Painful memories of being picked on and trying to figure out who I was based on my hairstyles in a past marriage. I was a size two for most of my life until I quit smoking two and a half years ago through God’s provision and courage in an answered prayer-a longer testimony I can share with you! I went from a size two to a ten and although I still looked good, I felt horrible until God showed me that I was just as loved as what I now call “a perfect 10!” as a tiny size two. Now, I am comfortably back in a healthy and fit size four and trying to live each day without hiding behind all the details that can consume my life. I am trying to focus each day on becoming a stronger leader and just being who I am in HIS image. And this has been SO FREEING! Free at last, free at last! Oh, you know I am dancing! There is so much that has changed in my life, and through this blog, I hope to encourage you to find your freedom to just BE.

I don’t exactly know how this blog and my other blog will play out in the future, but I do know that I am to do something with this burning passion inside of me, and with the recent life experiences I’ve had as a leader and a woman just trying to make each day count, I am being obedient to the call to do something with this. So, here it is.

Goofy image of Christine PechsteinIt’s just me, being who I was created to be.

Now, I just need to keep seeking God to find out who that is exactly. It’s a journey. And I can’t wait to find out where I’m going and who he’ll keep designing me to be.

THAT is exciting, and I am ready to JUST BE…..Me!

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