Episode #83 Whittling Your Crazy Life

Priorities . . . 

Who needs them? Everyone!


One of my greatest faults is this: There is so much to be done for the Kingdom of God, the world, my family, that I would try to take it on all by my lonesome. There were many years of trying to do that, but I learned the hard way, that I must refrain from trying to do it all myself. It’s not healthy for any one person to be or make themselves a superhero. It eventually catches up with you.
So many things need to be done that are all important; it will take more than one. That’s why God made many, and the spiritual gifts were distributed according to His will. Christine will not do all. She can’t. And thank goodness, because I run around and frazzle myself out way too much as it is. So, I’m being transparent here, to prevent me from doing too much and making myself even more frazzled with the “Oooh, I wanna dos,” I’m choosing to limit myself to just THREE things, and they’re not all three for ministry. I mean three things TOTAL, in my life, that I’ll allow to take my time, energy, and resources, because that’s all I’ve got in this season, especially while I’m conquering my health issues.
There may be others who can do five, six, or eleven things, but that’s not effective or healthy for me. For my sake, I need to choose three and do those three things well. That’s what’s great about life and priority management. It’s NOT just one size fits all. That’s why, when I started coaching and training, I chose to specialize in life and stress management. Coaching people on reaching goals alone wasn’t enough, because they could create all the actions plans they wanted; they still didn’t have the time, energy, or resources necessary to reach them. I could see people had good intentions, so I decided to specialize in life and stress management to help the too busy person whittle their goals down their most precious priorities, and create the life they really wanted with much of what they already had.
The same principle applies with our careers, families, and other things. At certain times in our lives, we need to step away from too much in order to specialize and do well. What we choose to do will change as the seasons of life change. And that’s to be expected.
So, knowing what you do about your life, your season, and your priorities, do you think you need to add or remove something to refine your focus or expand it?
Something good for everyone to ponder regularly, especially as our seasons of life change. On that note, I hope you had a fantabulous Thursday. I focused on one of my three and got just enough done. Now it’s time for some Rest and Relaxation . . . an often overlooked life area. Don’t overlook it!!

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