Mom Said! Turn Off The Phone (It’s healthy!)

When’s the last time you turned off your phone?


How often do you let your calls go to voicemail?

If you’re constantly making a sprint (aka mad dash over furniture and pets) to get to the other side of the room and dig it out of your purse before it goes to voicemail, it might be time to distance yourself from needing to be there 24/7. Tough love, I know.

Watch this video and be encouraged to turn off the phone. It really IS healthy and an essential part of your life and stress management plan.



 “Mom Said!” is regular video feature based off of Christine’s book. It’s a collection of her thoughts, humorous experiences, and the wisdom she hoped to instill into her teenagers as  single mother. She wondered whether or not they truly did listen all those years until that one day she found out for sure. As she stood up abruptly and cracked her head on a cabinet corner, Christine mumbled something she should not have only to hear it echoed by her three listening children.

“Mom Said . . . !” echoed through her house as she discovered they were indeed listening to what she had to say. The thoughts and lessons were gathered and published in her book.

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Want more wisdom and expertise?

Enjoy more time, energy, and resources in your life!

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Check out Christine’s Life and Stress Management Courses now!


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