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Episode #69 How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed And Powerless



It’s a HUGE mountain to move.

So start by picking up a rock.


Do you feel stuck, because you’re up against something big?

Do you believe you’re not the one holding the power to overcome it?

You have more control than you think.

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Sometimes we face obstacles and challenges that seem too big to overcome. We want to get through them quickly. But when things are that big, they become daunting, and we tend to feel they’re too big for us to overcome. And they might be if we choose to do it alone or believe the erroneous thoughts that tell us so.

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You may not be able to move that mountain in one day. It might take a year. It could even take several. But,  you have control over small things daily that you can do right now that will eventually get you there.

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Be sure to listen to the specific set of questions I give you at the end of this episode. They will help you see exactly what you DO have control over, and they’ll help you take a few steps this week. You control more than you may think. The key is to start small and do what you can. It’s the first step toward taking control and moving forward.

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This is 15 minutes that could change everything.

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Episode #68 Fly Higher Than Your Fears By Taking Control

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It’s YOUR life.

What prevents you from living fully? It’s whatever and whoever hurt you. Often, they’ve been given control of what you do and where you go in life. And, it’s time to take that control it back.

Have you experienced turbulence or a flight experience that left you a bit unsettled? Did you fly again? Did it scare you so much that you allowed it to ground you for the rest of your life? I’m asking because very often, we live our lives this way. Bumpy landings, bad experiences, continued disappointments all have the power to ground and paralyze us if we let them.

So, I want you to think about being a pilot. You’re the pilot of your life. The control panel you sit in front of should be yours. Is it?  Do you see the past in your control panel and allow it to control your destiny? If the answer is yes, you may have given control and power to precisely who and what hurt you. This is not healthy, nor is it where you need to be.

Tune in now to learn how to learn how you can take control of your life again. You need to decide who sits in your company and eliminate any excess baggage preventing you from take off.

This is 15 minutes that could change everything.


Many of us have experienced scary things in life. I was watching a video about Have you given control and power of what’s yours to someone else? Are you ready to get it back? Listen now!

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Episode #67 “X” Marks The Spot. Now, How Do I Get There?



Plan your life and live your plan. 

While it sounds simple, most people only do half (HALF!) of that and wonder why they haven’t been able to reach their goals. It’s difficult to get to where you want to go if you don’t have a plan in place to show you what steps you need to take every day, so you can arrive at your intended destination.

Without a plan, you’re likely living whatever daily chaos comes your way. Is that what you want your time and energy to used for? Are you living in the “whatever happens” mindset that allows chaos to prevent your success?

Tune in now to learn how to eliminate one of the most common excuses preventing you from succeeding. This is 15 minutes that could change everything.

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Episode #66 Want More Success? Start Doing Less.



More. More. MORE!

So often, we believe success is off in the future where our goals and aspirations wait for us to catch up to them. But, that’s not true. We can experience contentment, peace, and joy now instead of always chasing something newer, greater, or better that takes our attention off the present and suspends it indefinitely into something we must chase and somehow capture.

Happiness is learning to love the life you have while living fully with what you’ve already got. But, sometimes we’re so busy chasing stuff, that we forget to realize the blessings we already have. Have you ever looked at your children and wondered where the time went? Time and energy are limited in supply and some things are far too precious to get lost in the chase after more.

The truth is, your goals won’t matter until your priorities do. So, this year is your chance to learn a few life management skills that will teach you to prioritize, focus, and enjoy what you’ve got right here and now while building a life you desire for yourself.

Our successes can enjoyed here and now if we learn to prioritize our lives in ways that allow us to focus on less while accomplishing more of the things that matter most. Stop missing out on those precious priorities and start living them today. Go ahead! Tune in now. Give yourself 15 minutes to learn a little about priority management.

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