And I Quote

Have you ever read or heard a quote that just tickled you from your head to toes, made your heart leap out of your chest, consumed every working cell in your body, held in captivity each brain cell and made your hair stand on end because it was on a subject that you are totally and completely passionate about? It happens to me when I read my Bible on occasion also, and when it does…I just have to share it!

Here’s a quote that I just saw on Twitter:

“If the Lord left you on this earth another day, it means He has work for you to do. God doesn’t waste His real estate.” Steven Furtick

After reading his quote on Twitter, I had a few things that flew out of my mouth:
“Let’s GO!”

God isn’t wasting time or resources…so are we?

Has He sent us a blessing that we are afraid to embrace?
Has He asked that we go and do something that we are afraid of?
Do we think it’s too hard?
Is it too uncomfortable?
Are we scared of getting hurt?
Do we think we might fail?
Are we “stalled out” and “praying” over it?

A ship tied to the harbor cannot be moved by the wind. Untie yourself. And let God guide you.

And if the wind dies down for a bit-don’t automatically panic, because you’ll sink your boat.



And don’t waste the value that God has placed in you and your blessings.

What the world needs is a passion. BE passionate for God and go and do today what He has placed you here for. You’ve got a job to do. BE the passion, live the passion, and let your life reflect that you are passionate for Jesus. That would be the equivalent of holding an open house. Open yourself and live passionately on purpose for the cause that God has given you!

I’m stopping this post here: I have a job to do-and I’m hitting the streets to visit with churches to go and do what I am here to teach! Yaaabadaaaba dooooooooo!


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