Ya’ll Look Out…Dad’s Driving This Rig

I am heading South to the great State of Texas for a family reunion. We’re riding in my parent’s RV, which I love. Camping is a fav activity of mine, so I’m pretty excited. I am taking my laptop, and if I’m inclined to post a blog article, I will. If not, I will catch everyone in about a week.

Here’s a preview of what I’ll be doing:
Playing hostess in the RV while my dad drives.
Braking from the back, since my dad is driving. LOL!
Grabbing snacks and drinks for everyone.
Lighting matches while in route (don’t ask).
Reading, planning, and brainstorming.
No napping…my dad is driving! (Ok, so he sight-sees while driving…but at least there are no mountains or cliffs this time!)
Oh, and I’ll be seriously missing my kitty cat, Chunks. He’s my bud (and he knows it;-)
Praying…you guessed it…dad is driving (I’m just kidding!) I pray ’cause of all the other crazies!

Alright, ya’ll have a great fourth if I don’t post before then! I lived in Texas for 12 years and it’s true. You an take a girl out of Texas, but you just can’t take the Texas out of the girl! Ya’ll!


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