When God Interrupts Your Regularly Scheduled Life

Today I heard the news of two celebrities dying. One who was ill, and the other who died suddenly. Regardless, I ‘m not going to write about them. What I’m going to write is a message that I got loud and clear today.

I started my day in the usual way. Pour a Pepsi, take the dog out, and say “Good Morning,” and pray to God. From that point on, I either have appointments I need to keep, work to get started on, or find solutions to issues that I want to resolve.

This morning:
1. I wanted to find a mentor.
2. I wanted to map out my next book.
3. I wanted to explore open positions in ministry to work with a team of leaders.
4. I wanted to call the school to inquire about financial assistance for obtaining that Master’s Degree.
5. I wanted to vent my frustrations and whine a little over a few things.
6. I wanted to write a blog entry on mentorships and research the web for some information.
7. I wanted to attend the board meeting (Yippee, I was voted on as a board member for a non-profit!)
8. I wanted to pray EXTENSIVELY to figure out my next steps, spend time in Scripture, and walk with the Lord for awhile. (And no this doesn’t represent the order in which they were done. Number eight was actually the first to be done 😉

This afternoon after learning that several celebrities had died within a few hours of each other, my remaining schedule is looking like this:
1. (Not important)
2. (Need to just get over it)
3. (Really, this was a must do?)
4. (Venting? Seriously? Was it THAT bad?)
and on and on and on…

I was reminded that our circumstances can completely take us so far off target that we start to focus on them and lose sight of what God really wants us to do. And for me, this got my attention. All of the sudden I thought, “If today were my last day, would I have been focused on what God wanted me focused on or would I have been focused on appointments, bills, and stupid stuff?” Well, I decided today that I don’t want to die while focused on stupid things that mean nothing to The Kingdom. Nope, when God calls me home, I want to go focused and fixed on His promises.

My daily programming shouldn’t be based on the crisis of the hour, the 1001 things to do, and scheduling things that will occupy my time for the next six months. My daily programming was interrupted today to remind me of what truly IS important. My task should be to focus on what God has given me for the day. Meet the need. Do the task. Write the book. Help a neighbor. Talk to a friend. But not without keeping my focus on Him and seeking His clear direction. Life is too short. I realized that one of the most important things I want to do each day is to make sure that I am right with God in my actions, thoughts, and motives.

That requires focus. And today I realized that my focus was on things that in the end don’t really matter. Now that I can get back to my regularly scheduled life, I find myself thinking most of the stuff I have on my list is not as important as I once thought. Those tasks can wait while I realign my focus on what really matters. Wow. Totally attention getting. Thanks, God! I needed a change in perspective.


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