Why did God give us brains?

This is not a trick question. After reading several articles and comments this morning, I couldn’t help but think about it.

Why did God give us brains?

Answer: He gave us brains to use for things such as:

  1. So we can learn/read and remember what is written in the Bible and live according to it. (But somehow we seem to have amnesia daily until we’re in trouble.)
  2. To add/subtract. (The financial mess of this country tells me we don’t use our brains here.)
  3. To weigh information and data and differentiate between smart/dumb decisions. (We don’t do it here either.)
  4. So each of us could do things for ourselves. God didn’t create a nation of idiots and give only one person a brain, did He? No. We all have one. So how come we all don’t do things for ourselves to the best of our abilities?

It seems to me we are using our brains less and less. We expect more, and more, and more and we do less, and less, and less for it. I have ooodles of examples I could write about, but I think it’s obvious the types of things we don’t do for ourselves that we should. Seriously, do we need to blame someone because we didn’t check the weather forecast and got caught off guard by a storm? Can we moan and groan forever because we bought a house too expensive for our budget? Can we blame someone else for making us fat? We have to start asking…was I using my brain?

I think we’ll find that we aren’t using it as much as we think we are. And that is apparent when we are not holding ourselves accountable for things we should. We want to hold others accountable for everything. And in that, we aren’t utilizing our own smarts. It’s a brainless attempt at an easy “out.”

On another note: I’m so glad I don’t believe in evolution. Science tell us that the less we utilize things, and the less important they are to the survival of mankind. When they aren’t important the more likely that in the process of evolution, it will entirely disappear. Evolution then would tell me that our brains are used so little, that they are on their way to becoming extinct. If we don’t use them now, why would we need them in the future? Like I said, it was a thought process.

Life change is available, but we need to use our brains. After all, God gave us everything we have on purpose. The brain wasn’t a “factory add-on” that only a few individuals would get. He gave it to each of us on purpose.

We need to be sure we are using it.


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