Just In Case You Forget

My youngest is at church camp this week. In fact, it’s the first time she has been out of town and away from all family for more than one night. And from the sounds of the reports coming from the adults on Facebook, the kiddos are enjoying themselves.

Yesterday my son found a note pasted to the refrigerator with a list of instructions written by his little sister. It was a chore list with everything written in great detail. She proactively wrote a reminder list for everyone at home, so the pets would be fed, the little box cleaned, and the house dusted.

As a mom, my heart melted just from seeing the cuteness in what she did. Then the more I thought about it, I was reminded of having the Bible to reference in our daily lives. There’s no question things get crazy. I’m just glad to have the Bible to keep me on track when I do forget to do something or need to learn more.


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