Roller Coaster Calling

I was thinking this morning (umm…me thinking anytime is dangerous, much less before 8am) that living God’s calling for my life is much like being on a roller coaster at an amusement park.


I don’t know which direction it will turn all of the time.

I can’t always see the track.

If I look too far ahead it gets confusing for me, because God is still building that part of the track, but I can rest assured that it will be done by the time my cart gets there.

Sometimes I have to climb slowly and persistently to reach the top of a challenge before I can coast downhill for a while.

Some parts are scary and some are fun…I am asked to reach too high, go into tunnels and areas where there is no light, and put my hands into the air and not hold on.

But in the end, when my roller coaster finally stops, and I exit in Heaven, it will have been the most ultimate ride of a life time.

When stepping out to live the calling the Father has summoned you for, GO! Just remember who is in control of the roller coaster you are on and have faith. Things won’t seem so scary anymore.


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