You HAD to be there!

“Oh, you should have seen it! He fell this way, then that way, then he couldn’t get up! My face hurt from laughing…but we couldn’t stop it! Then he said, “garble, garble, garble” and it was priceless! Seriously, it was the BEST time we’ve ever had.”

How many of you laughed when you read that? I can safely assume that not many of you did. That is ok, because that’s part of the point I’m trying to make. You weren’t supposed to get it. But, how many times have we heard stories about things that happened and we don’t get it, but were expected to?

Here are a few examples:

Last week I took my kiddos to Wichita for a family celebration over killer Chinese food. I opened my fortune cookie and it says…..

Read the entire article from the life balance area: RELATIONSHIPS


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