Don’t Panic, Just Buy Batteries

I have heard several references to the end of the world, or the end of the world as we know it. I heard it again today while listening to the radio in my car. Unfortunately for me, I plugged in my MP3 player only to discover the battery was too low. Yeah, and my charger is at home.

I tune into one of the stations, and I heard yet another conversation on the end of the world and all it’s order coming in 2012 due to a sun or “solar” storm…something like that.

The disc jockey in all her wisdom, said to ride it out, “Just buy lots of batteries.”

I am asking, “Why?”

Immediately, I found my brain referencing Scripture. I found myself calm and peaceful. In an instant, I could’ve become panic stricken and gone into “hoarding” mode to prepare myself. But, I didn’t. In an instant, I found myself praying and thinking out loud to God, “You alone are in control!” And no panic was necessary.

Because the truth is….

God IS in control.

The next time we find ourselves in a panic state, state of confusion, or in a difficult situation…acknowledge that God IS in control.

Because He is.


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