No Sinner Left Behind

Ok, my brain is doing it again. I would really like to get to bed at a decent hour, but after posting the last blog entry, I immediately thought about what it would be like to reach every person in the world for Christ.

And we’d call it, “No sinner left behind.”

What IF:
I am the only believer that encounters someone who doesn’t know Christ and their eternal salvation is dependent upon me. It IS in our job description if you want to think of it as such. We are ALL called upon to reach everyone from one corner of the earth to the other, from one corner of our city to the other, and from one end of our parking lots to the other.

We really need to think about the consequences of not reaching out to non-believers. It’s not like they are just going to fail one grade. It’s eternity!

We need to face the fact that we are ALL sinners and our focus is not on what is INSIDE our churches, but rather WHO is outside that we haven’t reached yet.

I have to admit, God has officially kicked my butt tonight. And, I am thanking Him for the rebuke and reminder. It is uncomfortable, but it is necessary. It maintains my focus!

No sinner left behind.

I got the message loud and clear.

Now, it’s time to put it into action and do something with it.

Thank you, God!


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