Come, Share MY Space!

Why does having God in my life matter? Here a just a few of the gazillion reasons it does matter to me and what it means:

1. I can have a bad hair day and know that I am still B-e-a-U-tiful.

2. I love my kiddos even after they misbehave or make a mistake the same as God loves me when I do.

3. Perfection is a thing of the past. Perfection hasn’t existed since Jesus was sent. I can strive to improve and live a more Godly life, but I’ll never be perfect. It’s okay. Neither will you 😉

4. I love learning. The more I learn, the better my life gets in so many ways.

5. I know that I can forgive other people for all the stupid-hair brained things they do, just as I want to be forgiven for all the stupid, hair-brained things I do.

6. Judging others, gossiping, or being a know it all is not my job and personally, I’m glad I don’t have to know so many things about other people. Less is best…trust me!

7. I know what God expects of me and how to best live my life because I can trust His word in the Bible.

8. God doesn’t change the rules like people do. What He meant back then is what He means today. He doesn’t change the commandments as we go along, so learning them isn’t like trying to keep up with the IRS tax code which changes annually. Once you know them, you know them.

9. God doesn’t expect me to read his mind, so I shouldn’t expect people to read mine.

10. No matter what I lose in this world, I gain with Christ.

11. I can make plans for my life, but God has the right to change them to suit His plans.

12. I know that God is not some far off being that only watches what goes on from zillions of miles away. He is very involved in the details of my life and is nearer than I ever thought possible at times.

13. Before becoming a Christian believer, I thought God existed. All I could say to people was, “I think God …” and after becoming a believer and spending time with Him in prayer and the Bible, I know he is a “feel”. I KNOW He exists, and I KNOW what it is to feel His presence.

My hope is that just one person will read this and want to connect with God. And if you do and want to post your own list, I hope one more person will see that list. And, so on, and so on, and so on. If you don’t have your own blog or space to post how your life has changed, you can post here in my comments section. I’ll share my space!

Wow…if you’re a Hutch resident, that sure gives a new meaning to “Come Share Our Space!” Sharing space for Jesus! We’ll make room for everybody!


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