Want Life Change???

What’s the 30 Day Challenge everyone is talking about?

Yes, it’s true! Move Into Action has added another product to enhance the life balance and coaching services!

It’s a six page, 30 day, short-term plan that assists individuals who wish to change their life in one of the nine different life areas. We often think that life change is something that happens way off into the future, and we automatically believe it will just “happen” when we get older.The truth is that you and I can achieve life change anytime we want to without waiting an eternity to see results! All we have to do is have a dream or an idea, set a goal, and work toward it.

Most times, we know how to dream, we know how to set a goal, but when it comes to working toward it, we think we must have these elaborate plans in place to get anywhere. If we continue to think that way, we will never get past the dream and idea phase. To succeed you must have an action plan with immediate steps you can start taking today!

Dream it. Plan it. Live it. Master it. Become it.

Give yourself permission and stop waiting for someone else to tell you it’s ok to start living!

Subscribe to become a Life Change Subscriber or order your individual copy today.

In case you are interested, the March 2009 plan is available! Take a sneak peek below…

March 2009
30 Day Challenge Life Area: Community
Challenge and Goal: Get involved in your church

This six page challenge will also show you how much of your time you spend in just this one life area, so you can readjust if necessary. It’s a good one, because EVERY believer should be giving some of their time, talents, and gifts to the church.Your challenge for the next 30 days is to set your action steps and get involved at your church. As a Life Change Subscriber you will have access to the 30 Day Challenge Forums. Take advantage of encouragement, ask questions, meet other “Challengers” and talk about how your life is changing in just 30 quick days!

Check in often-Life change often!

Visit my life balance and career coaching website at http://www.moveintoaction.com/


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