Our Comforted Constitution

I was writing my blog entries tonight and had the CBN Christian Network on the TV. I wasn’t really paying attention to the program until Feed The Children aired. After watching this program about the starving and abandoned children that are dying, I knew that God was getting my attention, because that was the issue. I wasn’t paying much attention.

I was so focused on the economy, my business, checking my email, and thinking about my daughter’s slumber party, that I wasn’t getting it. Thankfully, God has many ways to get my attention even when He chooses a method that isn’t comfortable.

I was thinking about our economy crisis and the desperate attempts to create a bail out that will never be paid off before the second coming of Christ. Yes, America’s crisis is bad. Our economy stinks, gas prices are rising, and it costs me more to drive my car. Instead of focusing on the issue of starving and dying people in another region of the world, I was soley focused on what was affecting me, right here in my own little bubble.

The people in this African village have no gas station, no autos, and there is no economy. There are no jobs, no money, and no healthcare benefits, period. In fact, there are no hospitals, no medications, and children are being abandoned because their parents are dying.

No, I’m afraid we Americans and Christians are so self-focused that we overlook what is happening all over the world. We choose to focus on the problems that touch us directly and make our lives uncomfortable. Americans send tweets of this nature: “ I lost my job and cannot afford cable. I’m miserable. Help! Somebody give me a job!”

The people in other countries don’t even have email. They don’t send tweets, and there is no cable TV. And they have no grocery stores, no clean water supplies, and they live in one bedroom shacks for homes. We complain about the lack of affordable health care coverage. Other countries don’t even have doctors or hospitals available to get emergency care. Yet, we moan, groan, and storm our government, because we are treated unfairly?

Under our Constitution we have the right to freedom. We do not have the freedom to receive all rights, just because. By trying to run our government this way, we will run it out of business. No business runs itself that way because they can’t afford to, and our government can’t either. After all, who is going to bail out the government?

What is being an American really about. The right to be comfortable? I don’t remember that being part of the U.S. Constitution. America used to be built on Independence. Now the citizens are spoiled and dependent.

We want to receive bailouts instead of pride ourselves at being the bailout for those weaker than we are. America has gone from the land of opportunity to the land of the comfortable and spoiled.

We are a land that values the rights of comfort over the founding principles and God. We are a nation that screams poverty and injustice while watching cable on our television sets with the fast food we purchased in front of us.

One nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. That was our foundation.

One bankrupt nation, without God, with corruption, but comfort for all. Is this what our goal is?
When we look outside of the comfort of our bubble, we can begin to see where we have begun to break down as a nation. And in order to regain our strength, someone is going to have to make people uncomfortable. Success doesn’t come from comfort. Blood, sweat, and tears hurt, man.

But, that’s where our dignity, thankfulness for what we do have, and our willingness to share will impact more than just ourselves.

Be an American that impacts the world and make a difference today. Stop thinking about your comfort by making a sacrifice to bring comfort to someone else. It’s time to start living under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Visit Feed the children. It costs less than two value meals per month. And if you have a hospital nearby, clean running water, a toilet with paper, food (no matter how little), a TV, a beat up car or better, a pet that’s not kept for food…stop whining. Focus on someone other than yourself. I did, and my perspective has changed. No more whining.



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