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Reporting For Duty

A little over a year ago, I started this Seasoned With Salt blog. All this time later, it has turned into a full blown coaching business. The very first blog entry I wrote was about when God calls, we need to LISTEN and move into action immediately.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that when you receive the calling from Him that everything will fall into place right away. After all, I have been plugging away at this for a little over a year in preparation! As a single mother, it has meant a lot of late nights and weekends. And fortunately, my kids are flexible and spontaneous like I am, so we’ve had some creative and fun family time right in the midst of all this change.

One year ago, I received a calling from God to live my passion, reach his people, and do it all for His glory. One year ago, I moved into action in preparation, made plans, prayed, refined those plans, actively prayed and listened for his guidance, cried my eyes out at times in frustration (technical issues, okay?!), and kept moving forward one step, and one instruction at a time.

Today, I can’t tell you what my future looks like, because I find myself living by faith and not by sight. I don’t know what a year from now looks like. I have an idea, but until I work through this next year, plan my steps, seek God’s guidance and will, and continue to live by faith, I will have no real idea. I can imagine, but I’ve found that what I imagine and what God has planned are two totally different things. Usually, I imagine and dream too small. God always surpasses what I envision. Isn’t that awesome?! (I tend to think of things in my small mindedness of what is possible, and sometimes I forget to think of things in God’s awesomeness where EVERYTHING is possible and unlimited!)

Yes, this past year has been so much preparation and planning. It has been the time period in which I have been called, trained, and equipped. One of my favorite quotes is, “God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called.” That is so true! He has provided me with everything I need this past year, and now the time has come.

In three days, I report for duty to live His calling and become completely focused on that. I am not just a coach because it’s a job. I am a coach of this magnitude and passion, because I have been called. And, now it is with honor that I look forward to reporting to duty.

I can’t wait to wake up each day and know that I am called to serve the Lord by reaching his people to discover the potential he has given each of them. How can I contain such excitement for this mission!? I am so absolutely excited to have the opportunity each day to focus my life on Him. I know that without a doubt that in doing so, He will continue to guide me from here forward. I think I am too excited and happy to be scared. And, speaking of scared? I’m not. I am peaceful and smiling, joyous to the core. Yes God, I am reporting for full-time duty.

Three days left…and I want to punch in early 😉


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Get Off Your Buts!

I attended the Town Hall For Hope and listened to Dave Ramsey lastnight, and as always, he is right on the money. Ha, that was good…right on the money!

As a coach, I just had to write about my thoughts-what else is new, right?!

If you have some of the following thoughts the blog entry on Move Into Action will be right up your alley. The more I thought about it, I knew I couldn’t ignore it. The problems we face are most often caused by the buts (excuses) we make. I’m can’t ignore what I’m passionate about, and every person has potential. No if, ands or buts.

I included all the links at the bottom of this post. Happy Friday!

Do you always seem to sabotage your efforts?

Does life seem to be passing you by?

Are you nine life areas what you thought they’d be by now?

Do you find yourself saying, I would, but…

Get Off Your buts and Change your life!

Are you participating in the recession?

While you are visiting my life balance website, be sure to Get off your buts (excuses!)


Stimulate the economy and buy one!

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Change In Plans

When I left work tonight, my evening agenda started unraveling beyond control. I didn’t take my lunch hour until 4pm, so I could meet the appliance repairman at my house. Sunday while I was doing laundry, my front loading washing machine was leaking water straight through the bottom, and it was no minor leak either.

So, this evening my schedule started by looking like this:

4:00pm, Repair guy to fix washer
5:30pm, Dinner at the Anchor with family to celebrate Grandma’s b-day
7:30pm, Surge at church

Not too bad, and that’s what we had planned on for this evening. But, little did I know, it would all change.

Here’s how it really went down:
4:00 Arrive home with headache from not eating lunch all day and desperately needing a snack.

5:00 Still no repair guy

5:05 Call Aunt to have her pick up the kiddos and take them to the restaurant so they don’t miss
celebration with Grandma.

5:15 Dad arrives to pick up kids. How that changed is beyond me, but it works!

5:20 Repairman calls to say he’ll be here in 10 minutes.

5:40 Call Dad at restaurant. Family hasn’t ordered yet, so I meet them there. Repairman said it might be another two days for the part. It’s okay, we’ll just shower and wash clothes when the neighbor turns on his sprinkler system.

6:45 The kids don’t want to go home just yet, so they ask if we can go for a drive around town. I have 30 minutes before I need to leave for bible study, so I agree.

6:50 We see a really cool house for sale. It’s only $245,000. Can I just write an IOU and we’ll just move in tomorrow? Never mind, I can’t spend the stimulus package like that. Oooops, sorry!

7:00 We’re about to head back home, when we see two teenage boys, one of which is laying in the street with his bicycle next to him, and his friend talking to him. My son realizes the boys are in his class at school and he is friends with them. He thought the guy laying in the street was “kind of hurt” and joking about it.

My son has me pull over and jumps out of the car to catch up with his buddies for a laugh over a fall off the bike, oops kind of thing, but realizes that it is far more than a silly “ha, ha, ha” type of incident. I see cell phones coming out, so I get out of the car and go to inquire about the seriousness of any injuries. The young man thinks he broke his wrists and can’t get up off the pavement unable to put pressure on them. So, I stick my arms under his arms and around his chest to lift him up without hurting the wrists and get him to the side of the road.

He’s in some serious pain and he’s doing everything within his power to control showing his emotions. We moved him out of the street and offered to get him home, make calls from cell phones, etc, but he lived just a few houses down.

I know, long story. I didn’t make it to Bible study tonight. Instead, I was in the right place at the right time to help someone in need. It’s not about what happens in our churches as much as it is what happens when we are outside. What do we ignore? What needs are we meeting? And then are we pointing them to God, Christ, and our churches?

I know, more questions. Questions are good! They make us think! They stretch us to the “what if’s” and allow growth and problem solving! They challenge us to learn and become more. So, if my questions bother people, I make no apologies. I don’t want to change that! Why should I? What does positive change mean for people’s lives? See? More questions! Ok, I’ll stop for now.

When I got the kids back home after dinner and all the other activities, my daughter told me she really needed some clothes washed for tomorrow. So, I packed a basket full of laundry and took it over to my parent’s house to wash it. Yep, I was missing Bible study tonight. I was big time disappointed as it’s something that I do look forward to every Wednesday. For me, it’s like eating cereal with no milk if I miss it. It feels like something is missing. In this crazy and draining world, Surge is something that gives me a boost or hope in the middle of my week.

But, tonight I just wasn’t going to make it. NOT!!!

When I got to my parent’s house, I pulled my laptop out of my bag, put the laundry in the washer and checked my email. And there it was…a reminder about Surge being on tonight. Oh, was I one happy camper! Pulling up Surge online made me think of the kids who used to get so excited over the radio shows before the days of TV. Not that I am old enough to have ever seen any of them…really, I am not!

I pulled up Surge online and began to watch it. And the best part? Pretty soon, I am not alone. Curiosity set in. My Dad got to see how Bible study and the church is utilizing technology formerly only seen in the business world being used to reach the people in the world for Christ. Had I not been doing a load of laundry tonight at my parent’s house, I couldn’t have shared the link and information. Yeah, God!

So, by not making it to Surge tonight, I got to help a young man injured laying in the street, and show another person that Christ can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and through the latest technology. Woooohoooooo!

I have to admit, my evening took on a whole new perspective when I thought about how my agenda fell apart, but I feel that God’s agenda was met. What does it mean exactly? I don’t know and that’s not the point. The important thing for me is to just let God lead while I follow and do what He calls me to at the proper time. Had I waited to help that teenager in the road, he could’ve been hit by a car behind me. Timing is important! And I think the real lesson here is not my timing being the controlling factor, but trusting God’s timing.

It’s definitely been something I’ve been learning about. And it’s not easy. It’s not easy until I trust God and let Him be in control. Then I find it really does become easier. A lot easier. Even if it means I am not in church or where I had planned on being. I need to consider the surroundings I find myself in and reach the people around me…where ever that is.

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Don’t Panic, Just Buy Batteries

I have heard several references to the end of the world, or the end of the world as we know it. I heard it again today while listening to the radio in my car. Unfortunately for me, I plugged in my MP3 player only to discover the battery was too low. Yeah, and my charger is at home.

I tune into one of the stations, and I heard yet another conversation on the end of the world and all it’s order coming in 2012 due to a sun or “solar” storm…something like that.

The disc jockey in all her wisdom, said to ride it out, “Just buy lots of batteries.”

I am asking, “Why?”

Immediately, I found my brain referencing Scripture. I found myself calm and peaceful. In an instant, I could’ve become panic stricken and gone into “hoarding” mode to prepare myself. But, I didn’t. In an instant, I found myself praying and thinking out loud to God, “You alone are in control!” And no panic was necessary.

Because the truth is….

God IS in control.

The next time we find ourselves in a panic state, state of confusion, or in a difficult situation…acknowledge that God IS in control.

Because He is.

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No Sinner Left Behind

Ok, my brain is doing it again. I would really like to get to bed at a decent hour, but after posting the last blog entry, I immediately thought about what it would be like to reach every person in the world for Christ.

And we’d call it, “No sinner left behind.”

What IF:
I am the only believer that encounters someone who doesn’t know Christ and their eternal salvation is dependent upon me. It IS in our job description if you want to think of it as such. We are ALL called upon to reach everyone from one corner of the earth to the other, from one corner of our city to the other, and from one end of our parking lots to the other.

We really need to think about the consequences of not reaching out to non-believers. It’s not like they are just going to fail one grade. It’s eternity!

We need to face the fact that we are ALL sinners and our focus is not on what is INSIDE our churches, but rather WHO is outside that we haven’t reached yet.

I have to admit, God has officially kicked my butt tonight. And, I am thanking Him for the rebuke and reminder. It is uncomfortable, but it is necessary. It maintains my focus!

No sinner left behind.

I got the message loud and clear.

Now, it’s time to put it into action and do something with it.

Thank you, God!

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Come, Share MY Space!

Why does having God in my life matter? Here a just a few of the gazillion reasons it does matter to me and what it means:

1. I can have a bad hair day and know that I am still B-e-a-U-tiful.

2. I love my kiddos even after they misbehave or make a mistake the same as God loves me when I do.

3. Perfection is a thing of the past. Perfection hasn’t existed since Jesus was sent. I can strive to improve and live a more Godly life, but I’ll never be perfect. It’s okay. Neither will you 😉

4. I love learning. The more I learn, the better my life gets in so many ways.

5. I know that I can forgive other people for all the stupid-hair brained things they do, just as I want to be forgiven for all the stupid, hair-brained things I do.

6. Judging others, gossiping, or being a know it all is not my job and personally, I’m glad I don’t have to know so many things about other people. Less is best…trust me!

7. I know what God expects of me and how to best live my life because I can trust His word in the Bible.

8. God doesn’t change the rules like people do. What He meant back then is what He means today. He doesn’t change the commandments as we go along, so learning them isn’t like trying to keep up with the IRS tax code which changes annually. Once you know them, you know them.

9. God doesn’t expect me to read his mind, so I shouldn’t expect people to read mine.

10. No matter what I lose in this world, I gain with Christ.

11. I can make plans for my life, but God has the right to change them to suit His plans.

12. I know that God is not some far off being that only watches what goes on from zillions of miles away. He is very involved in the details of my life and is nearer than I ever thought possible at times.

13. Before becoming a Christian believer, I thought God existed. All I could say to people was, “I think God …” and after becoming a believer and spending time with Him in prayer and the Bible, I know he is a “feel”. I KNOW He exists, and I KNOW what it is to feel His presence.

My hope is that just one person will read this and want to connect with God. And if you do and want to post your own list, I hope one more person will see that list. And, so on, and so on, and so on. If you don’t have your own blog or space to post how your life has changed, you can post here in my comments section. I’ll share my space!

Wow…if you’re a Hutch resident, that sure gives a new meaning to “Come Share Our Space!” Sharing space for Jesus! We’ll make room for everybody!

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