What Does Approval Cost?

It’s so much easier to run with the crowds. All throughout life we find that in certain circumstances we don’t want to rock the boat. We want to stay with the familiar. We want to security of the known. We want people to like us. We want their approval on what we do, say, and become. But, what does that approval cost us?

When we have a vision or a goal that surpasses what others can comprehend or even view as logical, they likely will not support where we decide to go. They may consider us to be “crackpots” or “dreamers”. We are neither or the two. Crackpots and dreamers will not have a well thought out plan, the action steps, and the will to persevere through the difficult phases that arise to materialize the vision that is planted within us. Only a vision without action behind it remains just a dream. Everyone has a dream, but not everyone will make their dreams reality. There is a difference between “crackpots” and visionary people.

If we waited for everyone to give us their approval to to try, we’d never succeed at anything. The truth is, if we constantly sought approval from everyone, we’d never even start. We’d all be stuck right where we are indefinately. Thankfully, we don’t need to live that way.

Leaders who truly have the calling to lead will not set out to win votes before they take on that role, especially when the calling is from God. Think of Moses and Noah. I’m sure that they were thought of as “crackpots” and “dreamers”, but they didn’t wait for approval from friends, family, and coworkers before doing what God had called them to do.

Living your calling and living your dreams to make them become reality may cost us a few friendships and our comfort for a period of time. But, in reality that is a small price to pay for living out our passions, purpose, and unleashing our potential. Especially when that potential is given to us from God.

The initial cost doesn’t compare to what the end result will bring. Go, do, and become. Or, wait for approval and let that be your “excuse”.


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