The View From A Bud

I took a walk after dinner the other night with my youngest daughter. She rode her scooter, and I decided to ride with her which was comical. Two people on a scooter built for one, and every time we hit a crack in the sidewalk, we’d screech to a halt and just about fall over each other.

As we rode around the block, I quickly realized how out of shape I am, so I decided to walk. I haven’t tried to be that limber since I ran track back in high school. I knew I would feel that the next day! Yes, that muscle burn was setting in.

As I walked I noticed that the trees are budding. Soon the leaves will start emerging. This thought process started evolving, and the following is what I ended up with:
What if we had leaves like the trees, yet we didn’t shed our leaves at the end of a season? If trees held on to their old leaves, because they suited them last season, would they really need to grow new leaves for the new season? Could this be related to the human seasons of life?
Oh, you bet! Yippee! I got so excited as I began to see this connection. I started to look at every tree that I walked past!

As people, we have opportunities to serve, work, and volunteer. We have gifts and talents that we can use in different areas, and we can look to God for His will and purpose. Those are the leaves of a season. But, what if some of our leaves are to be shed? What if we are to shed them to let new leaves and buds start to bloom in our lives, so God can equip us with new opportunities and directions?

If we never shed the old, how will we ever see the new or find time for it? And if we do all of it, by holding onto all of the old activities while adding the new, wouldn’t we become so weighed down that we’d eventually break? Would this cause disease to set in, stunt our growth, or confuse us?

Most definitely! As I continued my walk, I got goose bumps. I actually call them God bumps, because they are different than just a chill or normal goose bump. They stem from the soul and radiate outward from that internal place inside, and man, they run deep. I began to see how important life balance is in a new way.

Of course, I know life balance is important. Of course, I know how to do it. Of course, I must maintain balance just like everyone else. But, for the first time in my career, I saw it from a God perspective, and I learned that we must pray, align with God, reprioritize, let go of the old, clean and clear some of our life activities and commitments, and expect new and exciting things to blossom each season.


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