Why We’re Not All American Idols

I don’t watch TV much. I can’t even name the shows in the Prime Time line up! But tonight, my kids and I watched the auditions for American Idol. In fact, the only time we do watch it is during audition week. After that we really have no interest in it. But, to us it is fun to watch the people who can sing, and especially the ones that can’t. Now before anyone thinks we are making fun of other people’s failure, I’ll say that we are not. What my kids laugh at is me.

As I watched the auditions, I was coaching the individuals from my living room by talking to them. Yes, I know, they are on TV. They can’t hear me, they can’t respond, but my passion for living takes over and I can’t help but to start asking the questions.

Here’s a scenario:

A contestant felt his life, hopes, and dreams were over, because he wasn’t selected to move to the next round in Hollywood. Yet he had a passion for music, played guitar constantly, and had the support of his family who understood his passion and gift. He wasn’t untalented by any means. They just felt that he wasn’t idol material.

Does that mean that just because the panel of judges on the show felt he wasn’t idol material that he had no real musical talent? Not at all. I watched and listened to him. He did! So, now what? Is his life over? Do those talents, skills, and his passion for music die all of the sudden to become nothing? No way! The skills are still there, the talent still exists, and his passion is his. It just means that he will have to go a different route than American Idol to become the musician he desires to be.

As I thought about this further, I realized that maybe he was not to become the American Idol and have access to instant fame. Why not? Because, God may want us to experience specific things in life to get us ready for what He has planned for us. Maybe there are experiences that we are to encounter, trials to endure, and learning opportunities that our Almighty Father wants us to experience to grow us, mature us, and transform us into the person He has designed us to be. Take that away, and we may not be able to handle the blessings He has in store for us!

Now, we also have to consider real talent vs. wanna be talent. I wanna be a lot of things. But, that doesn’t mean that I am going to be signing up for Iron Chef anytime soon. I know that I really am not a talented cook. I’ve mentioned my lack of cooking talent in blog entries before, and I’ll say it again. My talent is definately not in my kitchen. Especially when I can be cooking in my own home and set off the fire alarms in my neighbors house. Yes, the smoke really has been that thick! I know my place in the kitchen. It is sitting on the sidelines to coach the chef! I am a talented coach, but I am not going to be a world famous chef. And thank goodness. You do not want me cooking in any restaurant you plan on eating at. I don’t do rare, medium rare, and well done. Nope. When I cook the choices are one: Burnt beyond recognition.

God didn’t design us with one-size fits all. He gave each of us a specific set of gifts, talents, and skills. Each of us is just as unique in our talents as we are in our fingerprints. Why? We are all here for a specific purpose. Yes, God created us all with a unique purpose! How awesome is that?

He created some to sing, some to dance, some to crunch numbers, some to teach, some to heal and some to paint. What He didn’t do was create us all to become American Idols. And, if you watched the show tonight, only 16 people left with approval to head to Hollywood. God creates a handful of us to fufill specific purposes. But that doesn’t make our talents any less valuable. We are all important. Each of us has a purpose and God didn’t just choose 16 of us. He planned our purpose even before we were conceived and provides our skills and talents to match his plan for us.

See, when we idolize, fixate, or base our self worth on what a panel of judges says we are or aren’t, when we base our worth on worldly goals. When we stubbornly pursue the wrong talents (that would be me basing my worth on becoming a world famous chef), we forget who and what we really are. Does failure stop us in our tracks? That’s up to us. If it’s truly a gift or a talent, and it is our passion, we will keep on going. Sometimes God wants us to take a different route to get to where it is we are going.

We are individuals, unique by design, made by the God of the universe. He has plans for us, He gave us the tools, skills, and talents to get to where He wants us to go. And thankfully, He doesn’t require that we all be able to sing to get there.


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