What’s Your Carrot?

Everyone has a carrot. Even those of us who don’t like them have one or two. Don’t believe me? Let me rephrase that titled question. What motivates you? Money? Power? Greed? Sometimes we find ourselves motivated by things that have taken control of our lives. Suddenly we realize that we are out of control. That my friends, becomes a problem when we start to chase after things we love and let them control our actions and behaviors.

Oh, and by the way, even I have to remind myself of this. I am not immune, and I won’t pretend I am. Fair is fair!When chasing carrots becomes our focus, we are all headed for a rude awakening. We were not designed to spend our lives looking for things that will make us happy, end our pain and suffering, or define who we are based on what we have obtained. Are you ready for this? It’s even hard for me to face this reality (remember, I too have a carrot or two).

Scripture tells us that we are to stay away from idolatry. Collosians 3:5 Therefore, put to death whatever in you is worldly: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desire, and greed, which is idolatry. *HCBS

Wow. That certainly puts it into perspective. I want, I need, I’ll be happy when I get- We are faced with idolatry all day long. There is good news though. Now that we are reminded of it, and it becomes top of mind, we can work to stop it. The next time you feel compulsive and base your actions on obtaining worldly satisfaction through greedy actions to have more, lustful wants because something feels “right”, or because we find ourselves vying to keep up with the neighbors down the street, you have the power to remind yourself that you already have what your heart truly desires.

The love of the one and only Almighty God who is the Author of all creation.Think about it. How could we possibly compare the awesomeness of God to an insignificant carrot (even if that carrot was a big screen TV)? We can’t and shouldn’t. Ever. I hope everytime we see a carrot, we think about the greatness of God who sacraficed His Son, Jesus Christ for us.

No carrot is even comparable to the worth of God. Want to spread this message? Go ahead…ask your neighbor what their carrot is. And be ready to tell them what yours is. I dare you!

(Double dare you!)

Are you ready to balance the carrots in your life? Life balancing works in spirituality, too!


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