Is Everyday A Starting Point?

I remember waking up this morning to what I thought would be a fairly normal day. But, as the morning went on, I realized that today was one of those days that was an “off” day all the way around. Yes, even coaches have days that are “icky” and on a scale of 1 to 10, today was a -5. And it wasn’t because of anything in particular that went wrong which is what made it feel “off”. I spent the majority of my day trying to figure out what it was in the first place.

I found myself grumpy. I found myself flustered. I found myself wanting to fix whatever it was immediately. Unfortunately, I found no answers. There was no immediate remedy available, and I found myself spinning in circles to figure out how to pull myself out of this funk.

I did think of a few strategies to get around it such as:

I could stick my head in sand like an ostrich and forget about it, only I’m in Hutchinson, KS and there’s no sand in sight.

I could hibernate like a bear and sleep through it, only I’d wake up hungry every few hours. I like to eat too much to sleep through dinner. Trust me on that one.

I could pretend that I had just conquered the world’s problems. Wait a minute! Me? Conquer the world’s problems? That hit the nail on the head. If I would’ve had a hammer, I could’ve sunk that baby with one massive swing.

From the moment I walked into the office, I was barraged with OPJ. (Other people’s junk.) In addition, I had emails about impending layoffs. I read more bad news about the employment outlook and the economy. I felt pulled in so many different directions to assist with fixing all that is going wrong. We need to do this…We need to do that…This way…That way…yes, it’s mass chaos!

There seems to be a lot of doom and gloom. Yes, there doesn’t seem to be enough funding to go around. Yes, there are so many individuals who are being hit hard. Yes, there are people trying to make difficult decisions in these tough times. Yes, everyone is trying to devise a plan to weather the storms ahead and solve the issues that are causing the crisis. Yes, I have all the answers to fix them.

Wrong! I don’t have all the answers. So, why was I frustrated and upset that I couldn’t fix the problems everyone is facing? It’s simple. I forgot to remember that God is in control and He alone has the answers. And yet, I was feeling bad for not knowing what the answers are!
I can guarantee you that the God of the universe is not thinking about burying his head in the sand to get a way from it all like I was. He can handle it. I can’t. And everyone should be glad that I can’t. With that much power…oh, boy, could I have some fun and cause mass pandemonium without really trying! (I am kidding!)

So, tonight after a group meeting, I started to wonder. Is everyday a starting point in one way or another? Could it be that each day we need to start off remembering first and foremost that God is in control of everything? I think that personally, this would be a good reminder and help set the tone of my day no matter what gets thrown at me.

The lesson here on a personal note is that I learned that I cannot rely upon myself to fix the world, fix people’s problems, fix the shortages and trauma’s of our society no matter how much I would like to have the solutions and answers each person is seeking. And, in order to hold onto the truth, each day I need to start off by remembering who does have that control. Yes, even in bad times and times we are faced with afflictions, the God of the universe is in control. And it could just be that He is using the crisis we face to teach us, grow us, strengthen us, rebuke us, and get us back on track or prepare us for the next phase in our lives.

Each day whether good or bad is a starting point to embrace what God has given us. Each day is a starting point to learn and grow into something God desires us to become. And each day is a starting point to offer our lives to our Almighty Father and live with Him in control. No matter what type of day we face, what we hope to conquer, or what others expect us to tackle, we get the gift of a fresh starting point with our Father.

I’m glad, too. It means I don’t have to stick my head in sand, sleep through any meals, and I can relax and just let God do His job, while I do what I’m good at. I’m good at being the coach he created me to be…and that’s it!


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