Try It, You Might Like It!

I came across an article that I am going to share. Why? I am compelled to say something. Not much, just a quick response aimed at the Athiest Bus Campaign launched on buses today in London and other cities. The slogan that is plastered on the buses says, “There’s probably no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

One…It states that there’s “probably” no god. What do you mean probably? That’s like purchasing a product that will probably work, but you’re not for certain. There’s probably no god? That indicates doubt that they are even certain that they believe there really isn’t.

There IS only one God, one Author of creation, and without a doubt He is real. I would never say, “he probably exists.” I know He exists, and I can only say this because I tried Him. I don’t buy clothing that “probably fits,” I don’t eat food that “probably tastes good, and I wasn’t going to go through life wondering if a god really existed without calling out, asking for help, and experiencing Him first hand.

The truth is, God fit me like a glove. The Creator of the universe created me with his bare hands. To save me, He created Jesus Christ, which is like the glove that covers me, protects me, and surrounds me.

If you’re reading this and you yourself aren’t sure- would you purchase or buy into something that said “probably?” Are you willing to bet eternity on “probably?”

The God of the universe is always in control, in control of that very bus, in control of how He will use this for His purpose. Worry? No. Pray? Yes! I am praying for the athiest bus slogans and that the God of the universe work his purpose into their lives.

The next part of this campaign reads, “…now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” If you were so certain that god didn’t exist, why would you be worried in the first place? Certainty replaces doubt, right?

What I see in this is a lot of doubt and skepticism. Satan wants us (all of us believers and non-believers) to be tempted by the enjoyment of life now. The instant gratification our society craves and falls so easily for. So, when it reads, “…enjoy life now,” I know that this is exactly were the temptation lies. The hidden truth behind the message is- enjoy life now and pay for it later.

Does this campaign bother me? As a human being who believes in God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit, yes it does. Am I worried? Not at all. God is in control. Yes, even of all these buses in this campaign, God is in control.

My last thought is:

If there is someone who doesn’t know without a doubt that God exists, think about this:
How could you possibly know whether someone is real or not without meeting Him? How can you understand without getting to know Him? How could you develop a relationship and experience love unlike any other unless you invite Him into your life and spend time with Him? Are you willing to bet eternity on “probably?”

You can’t say something doesn’t exist, something isn’t real, something doesn’t fit, something doesn’t taste good, or that you won’t like something unless you try it first. Try it, use it, experience it. Then the probably will turn into definately! There DEFINATELY is a God! Start Praying and enjoy your life forever!

I like that…change the slogan! There DEFINATELY is a God! Stop worrying, start praying and enjoy your life forever!

In case anyone wants to read the article on the campaign:


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