When Christians Become Contagious

This weekend was our Mighty to Save weekend at church. And, it was a very special weekend for me. There was so much running through my mind this weekend, and so much that I prayed about. I was so excited about kicking off PROJECT ONE:EIGHT. It also hit me that this is my first leadership role in any of the groups or ministries at our church.

When I got my PROJECT ONE:EIGHT t-shirt, put it on, and saw “LEADER” on the back of it in big white letters, I felt awesome! I actually thought for a moment that I was being prideful. And as I prayed to God about it, I realized that it was not self-pride at all. For me, it was a realization that I had taken on my first leadership role, and I was so excited about it! Me…leading a group for the glory of God! I was feeling so joyful and had so much love in my heart for my God. What an honor it is to serve! And quite honestly, NOTHING feels better than serving our almighty Father!

I posted on Twitter earlier Saturday afternoon that if Hutch had a mountain top, I would’ve stood upon it and shouted, “I am here, God! Use me!” I thought about climbing the water tower and shouting from there, but I envisioned the police responding to some lunatic shouting to God. I know that’s front-page newspaper material, so I shouted in my prayers to Him instead.
Since I have so much to write about, I will break my thoughts into several blog entries. The first being one of my most exciting! Contagious Christians!

I wondered how we get others motivated, so they will participate in our churches and communities. The truth is, it’s the same thing that gets them to live their life (from a coaching perspective). People don’t need motivation. They need inspiration. As far as Christianity is concerned, people are inspired by our actions, our passions, our excitement, our enthusiasm, our happy hearts, our hope, and our commitment. People are inspired when they witness those things. People are inspired not when we talk about them, but when we LIVE them.

Are we living our passions? Are we using our skills and talents to glorify God? How do we do this?

As a coach, I spend quite a bit of time discussing this very subject with people. Ask yourself:
What do I enjoy doing? What do I do in my spare time? What skills do I have? What talents? What could I do all day long and get lost in the activity?

Once you figure out what your passions, skills, and talents are, ask yourself:

How can I use these skills/passions to glorify God?

How can I reach out to His people using them?

Here are a few examples…If you love to cook, volunteer at the soup kitchen or cook for your church’s meal nights. If you are passionate about reading, volunteer to read to children or seniors. If you love landscaping or gardening, volunteer to assist in community projects or church grounds maintenance. If you love to construct, volunteer for a community rebuilding or beautification project. If you love teaching, volunteer to teach bible study to children or adults, or start a tutoring program for children and teens.

When others see Christians in action with a joyful and passionate heart for serving the Lord, it becomes contagious. It can start conversations in places you’d never think possible. As the Mighty to Save weekend got underway this past weekend, we learned that Christianity is in-fact contagious. One of the women on our team shared with us how her coworkers were listening to her talk on the phone about what we were doing. They were hearing her excitement, witnessing her enthusiasm, and feeling her passion about our projects. Soon they were volunteering to jump right on in!

I thought about how at work, I couldn’t contain my excitement for HOPE (House Of Prayer Every day) last week. My coworkers, friends, and family heard my passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and vision about HOPE…a place where Jesus can be received 24 hours a day, along with food, shelter, comfort, prayer, and most of all-a place to go for hope. (See my past blog entry titled HOPE). The excitement was contagious, and the ideas, the names of individuals to help get this going, and the names of participants came pouring in!

Christianity can be contagious. When others see us in action, living with such zest, living our passions, utilizing our skills and talents, reaching out to others, rebuilding lives, rebuilding communities, and doing it with such joy and enthusiasm, they can’t help but to get excited. And excitement is contagious. Excitement inspires us to move into action. And, the passion for Christ keeps us contagious to others. For they see what we have (hope), and they want the same.

PS…Being a coach, I know that someone reading this will think, “But I just don’t have the time, the money…”

Consider this ONE:
One hour,
One day,
One time per month,
One time per quarter,
One time per year,
One penny,
One nickel,
One dime,
One quarter,
One dollar,
One idea,
One small step,
One giant leap,
One person,
One group,
One church,
One community,
One prayer…
At a time.
One is all it takes to start no matter what it is.
Just start somewhere.

Don’t you just hate a coach who can take away all excuses? Try having her for a mother! LOL!!! My kids will thank me someday…just NOT anytime soon!


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