Are We Afraid To Harvest What He Grows?

Living in Kansas is awesome. Though it’s not a place I would’ve picked off a map, it is now considered my home. Hutchinson is the home to a few of the 8 Wonders of Kansas. We are the home of the Underground Salt Museum (funny…Seasoned With Salt just happens to be located in the Salt Capitol), and the Cosmosphere and Space Center. Tonight after bible study, I took a hike to one of my favorite spots to pray. Anyone who thinks that a planetarium is the best place to star gaze has not stood out on my back deck and just stared in awe at the Kansas skies. Ok, so it was only a hike out my back door and out to my deck. But when you’re still feeling under the weather, it’s a hike. Trust me on that one!

Tonight was different though. It was one of those nights that I was so engrossed in the awesomeness of God’s power and completely lost in the beauty of the stars, that I didn’t exactly know what to say to Him. I was in His presence, yet absolutely speechless for the most part. My prayer was, “Wow! Amazing! How could anyone NOT believe?” I was so swept away in His power to create the Heavens, the stars, the entire everything that surrounds us everyday, that I was reminded of just how big God is. I was reminded of His power, His love, His beauty, His holiness, and all of the things my mind just cannot completely comprehend. It’s just too big! And, the other half of that is that my mind is also just too small.

A couple of things were in my thoughts as I more or less just “thought” to God, since I was too speechless to pray. One, the world just couldn’t have evolved from science. Why? Science is not beautiful. The world in which we live is full of scenic creativity and art! Science is methodical, mechanical, and sterile. Nope, our world and all it’s splender has got God written all over it. I don’t care how long something evolved. It just doesn’t get pretty. Case in point…look in my refrigerator and see the old stuff that has evolved into something else. It’s fuzzy, ugly, and it certainly smells. (I need to work on that refrigerator thing.)

My kids and I have been RVing in many places. One of our favorite spots for camping is in the Badlands of South Dakota. This is by far the most phenominal star show you’ll ever encounter. We’ve been to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and many other places. I’ve traveled to the Caribbean once in my lifetime. The more I see, the more I experience, the more I know that this type of creativity didn’t come by chance from science and evolution alone. To me, science is what we humans need in order to put a name on something, because our small brains just cannot handle the awesomeness of God and faith to believe.

My thoughts switched from evolution to feeling like that small pea-brain that cannot handle how big God is. I thought about how sometimes we are afraid to do what God is calling us to do, and what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to do. I thought about growing our churches. I thought about engaging individuals in missions. I also thought about business. WHAT IF we succeed? Are we afraid we might actually succeed in things He guides us to do? And if we do succeed, then what?

That is tiny, human-brained thinking. If we are being guided by His wisdom, His plan, and His purpose, what are we afraid of? With a God as amazing, artistic, creative, and so big we cannot even begin to comprehend his awesomeness, what ARE we afraid of? We may not be able to handle the success alone. And thankfully, we won’t have to. When it’s time to harvest, He will be there. All He asks right now is that we plant it, so it will grow.


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