The Best Part Of Waking Up

Each morning five alarms buzz at full volume in my bedroom. I am a very deep sleeper, and it’s very hard for me to awaken and jump right out of bed. Even with five alarms, it’s possible for me to oversleep. I’ve slept 30 or 40 minutes with all five alarms buzzing at the same time and not heard any of them until my kids come in and wake me. They heard them all the way upstairs, but I didn’t flinch. That, my friends, is deep sleep.

Once I got up, I bounced from wall to wall as I made my way to the kitchen to grab a cold Pepsi. Coffee is just nasty, and it tends to be my drink of choice only when nothing else is available. And, I mean nothing else. Hmmm…no motor oil available? Ok…just give me a coffee, I guess. Same difference to me. They’re both black, I’m sure they taste similar, and they both make things run smoother, right? Oh, I’m kidding. I wouldn’t drink motor oil. But, let me put it this way. If coffee was on a table right in front of me, but I had to drive 20 miles for the nearest Pepsi, I’m going to grab the keys and go!

This morning started just like any other day. I fell over the side of my bed, stubbed my toe on the door frame as I walked through the hallway to reach the kitchen, stepped on the cat’s tail (and you’d think she’d know by now not to lay in front of the refrigerator until AFTER I have my wake up beverage), and grabbed my ice cold, carbonated, caffeinated, and bubbly can of Pepsi.

As soon as I took a sip, I started to feel more awakened. I apologized to the cat who is plotting her revenge as she licked her now throbbing tail, and I sat down to check my email. As I drank my Pepsi and awakened my tired self, I read my daily devotions as I usually do. I subscribe to numerous authors at, so I have about a half dozen devotions waiting for me in my inbox. I started my day in prayer and thanksgiving. I used the devotions to learn how

I can apply the lessons and scripture in my daily activities. It also gave me an opportunity to plan my activities and balance my life in His presence. As I completed this this morning, I stopped to take another sip of my favorite soda. I thought about how I was feeling more awake.
I was no longer running into the walls. I wasn’t stepping on the cat’s tail anymore. I was able to maneuver throughout my house without sleepwalking and sustaining any injury. I felt awake, alive, and ready to face the day! And then it hit me like a frisbee! You know, the frisbee that looks like it’s getting bigger and keeps getting bigger, and you don’t know why…until it hits you. (If you don’t get it forget it…maybe that’s only happened to me!)

I wasn’t alive and awake because of the Pepsi. I wasn’t protected from injury from walking into things I shouldn’t because of the caffeine. My morning beverage only started to wake the surface of me. By starting my day focused on God, His will, and with a heart centered in Christ, I was awakened mind, body, and soul. I realized this morning that when I start my mornings to focus on Him, I don’t bump into as many walls or fall of course as easily as my day progresses.

I didn’t make that connection until today. Man, that was a BIG frisbee, and it hit me hard! There is no drink or any amount of caffeine that will awaken me the way He does, and although I will still enjoy my morning Pepsi, I know the only way to avoid bumping into those walls, stepping on tails, toes, or anything else that I might accidentally step on by not being aware of their existence in my path, is to start my day to sit in His presence. Only then can I be awake enough in mind, body, and soul to face the day ahead, make better decisions, and keep my heart centered in His love.


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