If It Ain’t Broke

We’ve all heard this saying time and time again. If it ain’t broke; don’t fix it. Why would you fix something that’s not broken? Why would you want to make improvements through changing what could become better? It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s a statistic that could be improved, a sales quota improvement, or a personal issue that we are inclined to improve.

Sometimes we don’t want to change, because we don’t see the problem. Other times we know the problem is there, but we choose to ignore it. Most times we don’t like to admit we could actually change and benefit from changing processes, procedures, and simply the way we do things, because admitting change may be what’s in order to correct and improve something. This means we have to first admit that their might be a problem.

A problem automatically sends us into a frenzy to find fault in something or someone. We are avoiding accountability at times when we do this.Are we becoming a non-accountable society? As Christians, are we avoiding change, because it means admitting that we are actually relying on ourselves instead of the word of God to get through life?

Instead of going straight to the source and relying on His perfect power, we scurry around trying to find something to “fix” our problems. But of course while we are doing this, we are so busy trying to find an “out” and peg the blame for our sins on something other than ourselves. When we spend so much of our time trying to fix what we think ain’t really broke, we miss the opportunity to seek our Heavenly Father and learn correctness.

When we are relying on ourselves to make proper changes, we are essentially relying on an a faulted product to do the job. How much sense does that make? When something of value is broken, we should seek out the perfect repair.


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