The Cat Ate My Homework

This year marks my 20th year class reunion. Ouch. Anyone have a tissue? Thanks. I thought homework would have been a thing of the past, but as a person who strives to become a little better, a little stronger, and a little more Christ like each day, I realized that I will always have homework. I know that in my case, I will have to work harder than the average person (ok, that was supposed to be a joke) to maintain alignment in my life to live for Christ.

I decided to end one of my recent late nights by reading my Bible in bed. I have been studying the book of Job.My Bible has become one of the most used items I own. It’s tattered, highlighted, marked in, and the edges curl. And I really didn’t want it any other way. I didn’t want it to look perfect, and I found myself smiling each time I picked it up to do more homework. Studying from my worn Bible just felt good.

I spent about an hour reading and taking notes before I realized that my eyes were crossing from fatigue, and I was no longer retaining what I was reading. The next thing I knew my alarm was sounding, and it was time for me to wake to start my day. I’d fallen asleep with my Bible open, the light on, and I now had a highlighted pillow. As I sat up to turn off the alarm, I noticed shreds of paper in my bed. Yes, the cat ate my Bible. Not one page, not two pages, but a good portion of the book of Job.

I thought about purchasing a brand new Bible, skinning a cat, and bleaching my now highlighted pillow case. But after thinking about it, I decided to do none of the above. My Bible is special to me and regardless of it’s shape, it’s the one I started with. I am committed to piecing the pages back together with Scotch tape. I love my cat, and I think I can find a lesson on forgiveness in this situation.

Each morning and night when I awaken and sleep, I am reminded that my love for Christ has superceded any thoughts of a replacing a ruined pillow case. Twenty years after high school, the cat still ate my homework. I’ve got shreds of paper and a pink highlighted pillow case to prove it. I wonder what my Instructor thinks of that.


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